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Being young in the photography industry isn’t easy. So, having a professional web presence is key. liveBooks offers professional websites that not only showcase your images beautifully, but increase website views and business. Now I am not just saying this because I can, I know from experience. After switching to liveBooks from my previous site, I noticed an increase in website traffic in a matter of hours!

If you think you can sign up for a free site to display your images on think again. Viewers will look at your site, and even before it is finished loading, they will leave because it looks cheap. Now that doesn’t mean your images are bad. They could be amazing, but they are just not presented well. liveBooks’ websites are based on presenting your images in the best way possible. Their sites will help you grow as a photographer and build your business… seriously!

Website: www.jarrydross.com
Jarryd Ross sees perfect picture opportunities everywhere he goes. His mind thinks photography and without it he’d go insane… well more insane than he already is! You’ll enjoy learning more about Jarryd from looking at his work and reading his bio. His bio is creative and fun. Take a look…

Your website is the first opportunity that most people will have to view your work. It is all about people seeing our images as big as possible at the highest quality possible. liveBooks’ Scaler does this better than anything on the market, and does it with ease. I don’t have to compromise anything. My website is crucial, not only for getting clients, but also for producing photo shots. liveBooks really understands what photographers need to be successful.
Website: www.clairerosenphoto.com
Claire Rosen is a fine art and commercial photographer, video artist and educator. She loves big dresses, vintage taxidermy and adventures. Much of her inspiration comes from fairy tales, fables and other children’s stories. She is drawn to both beauty and darkness as it exists in life, and her images explore this duality.

Having a custom designed website that reflects my brand was a key factor in my decision to go with liveBooks. The large image size is perfect for showcasing my food and travel photography and the portfolios and pages are easily updated using the editSuite. The website loads quickly, is easy to navigate and the feedback I’ve received has been nothing but positive. I recently went through a re-branding project and the liveBooks design team implemented the revisions by my brand designer, Brand Envy, efficiently and well within the timeframe needed. Not only is the website great, but the bells, whistles, outstanding people and the support team are nothing short of amazing!
Website: www.salophotography.com
Stephanie Salo lives in Northern California where she specializes in food, travel, and editorial photography. Shooting professionally for almost a decade, she strives to capture the reality of the moment, revealing a sense of freshness, warmth, mystery or playfulness, as the mood of each image dictates.

Initially, my primary reason for considering a liveBooks website was for the ease of use of their editSuite. Then the preDesigned sites came along and I was definitely sold. I was able to add my custom logo to my preDesigned site. It worked perfectly with my new identity and the look and feel I wanted for my photography. I am thrilled with the results and have received a lot of positive feedback. Just recently, with the help of my new web site, I was offered a contract with a creative stock photography agency.


Website: www.jeanenescott.com

We’ve been liveBooks customers for over 5 years. So when we started our re-branding project last year we knew we wanted stay with liveBooks for our main web presentation. Our friend J Sandifer and the entire liveBooks design team worked tirelessly (and patiently) with us and our brand designer, Melanie Halim, for several months while we perfected and incorporated the new brand design in our upgraded custom liveBooks website.
We love the flexibility the liveBooks editSuite gives us and how easy the editSuite is to use! That coupled with great customer service and tech support will keep us liveBooks clients for quite some time to come. Thanks liveBooks!
Website: www.woodwardandrick.com
Brian and Gry’s love of and passion for photography really shows in their wedding work. They’ve done a wonderful job incorporating their brand onto their website.

As commercial photographers specializing in architectural, interior, hotel, and resort photography, we are excited to have a liveBooks website.  liveBooks offers more than just an online presence, as the portfolio is clean and website design is based around the imagery.  AC Photo uses our website to engage clients, show clients work that only they can access, and sell images.  liveBooks offers us the ability to dialogue with clients at the highest professional level.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional online identity.
Website: www.a-cphotography.com
Based in San Diego, California, Michael Auda and Kate Coudayre are a husband and wife team, specializing in architecture, resort and travel photography. Their mission is to produce cutting edge photography that is successful as both a clear representation of any structure and an aesthetic masterpiece.

I chose to build my portfolio website with liveBooks due to their reputation in the photo industry, the intuitive and easy to use liveBooks editSuite, and because I never felt pressured into anything I wasn’t sure I needed. Since I first began using the liveBooks service, both my website and the staff at liveBooks make me feel like they’re looking out for my best interests and working for me, not the other way around.

My website has helped my business because it shows my photography in the best way possible: big, clean, easy to navigate, and accessible on any mobile device. I believe there’s a sense of professionalism that comes across as viewers interact with my liveBooks site, which I didn’t feel trying out similar portfolio building services.

In my opinion the most important features of a website are the ease of use, the size at which my images are displayed, how user friendly the editing software is to use, and the willingness of the staff to answer any question I may have. I never got the feeling I would be abandoned by customer service once my payment went through, and to this day I never have been.

Website: www.chipkalback.com
Chip Kalbeck is based in Denver and has been shooting the things he loves for the last five years. Outdoor lifestyle, sports, music, and commercial photography are among his favorites.

As a commercial photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and hospitality, I needed an online presence that was clean, professional, and elegant which would resonate with my target audience. The clients in my market expect professionalism at its highest order and liveBooks gives me a very clean professional site with minimal fuss for the user. The focus is all on the images which is what most clients are looking for. The additional ability to view my site on the iPhone and iPad is extremely important as many Creative Directors, ADs, and producers wind up viewing my site in meetings, on sets, or in places where viewing a site on a traditional laptop or desktop just isn’t possible. liveBooks has helped me by providing a first class online portfolio and allowed me to focus on creating images, not maintaining a website.
Website: www.chadjacksonphoto.com
Architectural and interior photographer Chad Jackson has lived and worked in the Kansa City area for over 18 years and is well acquainted with the unique nature of metropolitan life in the midwest. Integrity, passion and creativity is at the center of all he does.

May 4th, 2011

Rhoni Epstein Photo Group

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.rhoniepstein.com
Rhoni Epstein and Tina Kromer love photographers and photography. They help them obtain what they want. Rhoni has a proven ability to find interesting assignments that inspire their photographers. Her philosophy is that when photographers create their very best images from within the right clients will find them.

I’ve been delighted with the end result of our site. My support specialist worked closely with me to create a distinctive look and feel for the site that matched my vision, and showcases our work. It wasn’t easy and we went through a series of revisions, but the end result was worth it. The team was responsive and we’re very happy with the results. I like the fact that it will be easy to update and expand the site in the future.

Paul Souders
Website: www.worldfoto.com
Check out the photo of Paul on his “Bio” page…it says everything. This site has an interesting feature on the homepage as well: enter in a term like “elephant” in the search field. It will take that term and send it to an existing online archive Paul has elsewhere. Also notice the additional flash customization Paul used for portfolio navigation.