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Photography is my passion and my work. As a professional photographer, one of my goals is sharing my love of images. Getting my images in front of as many eyes as possible, in the clearest, most dramatic way, is truly what it’s all about. Certainly, having a vast portfolio of quality images is key, but displaying them to clients in a bold way is extremely important. It was easy to add custom finishes to my site which really made it my own. Great imagery deserves a great place to be seen and my liveBooks website is that great place.
Since I’m busy shooting, working with clients and building my client list, I needed something that allows me to focus on my photography. If you consider yourself a professional, then liveBooks should be your business partner.
Website: www.seancollinsphotography.com
Sean Collins is just scratching the surface of photography at 25 years young. He aims to pave the way for the future not just preserve the past. His clients include Nike, Converse and Cole Haan.

A professional, sleek, user-friendly site design is very important to me because I want to represent myself well to anyone who visits, whether that’s a photo editor, a client, or someone who loves dramatic skies as much as I do. 
Storm chasing has exploded in popularity over the past decade, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the many talented chasers and photographers.  A strong web site is essential, so I set out to build a site that, much like a well-composed photograph, draws the viewer’s eye to my work.
liveBooks’ website templates have the perfect combination of look, feel, and ease of use.  Building the site was simple and maintaining it is easy. Once the content was ready to go I uploaded it to my site and went live in just a few days.
Website: www.cmredwine.com
Cameron Redwine is a freelance photographer and storm chaser who specializes in severe weather photography. He has a background in photojournalism and digital motion media. Cameron began chasing storms in 1997 at the age of 16, and has chased them every year since.

I’ve been told for several years that I needed to put a website together for my images. Before signing up with liveBooks I did a lot of research. Their website designs are very clean, simple and showcase the work prominently. In almost every case, that meant full screen scaling. I was surprised to find out that most portfolio sites, even those used by well known professional photographers, do not offer this as a feature. After narrowing down my favorites to just a few that offered full screen scaling, and a full bleed image area – liveBooks was clearly the winner.

Prior to committing, I called liveBooks with a few questions. I spent almost an hour on the phone with Patrick, one of the customer support representatives. It’s funny, most of us (including myself) don’t really take customer service into consideration until after a purchase. Comments and feedback are usually left for negative experiences. But Patrick and the rest of the support team have been overwhelmingly helpful, going above and beyond anything I expected. They spent additional time with me reviewing websites, discussing options and and offering suggestions. And not just on website design but on marketing as a whole. In addition, the changes I made were updated almost immediately. I’ve never experienced a team so eager to help. When we were done, they even invited me over to their office in California!

liveBooks and their support team allowed me to take my idea of what a portfolio site should be and turned it into a reality. Almost instantly. liveBooks is clearly the best solution out there. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!

Website: www.cliffordpickett.com
Clifford Pickett specializes in editorial photography and photojournalism. His work tells many stories. We found the images he took during Hurricane Sandy to be particularly moving.

January 8th, 2013

Carlos Ehlert: The Sultan of Spin

Posted by liveBooks

My liveBooks website is plug and play. It is super easy to modify and make changes to my site whenever I want no matter where I am in the world. I love that so many clients from all over the world have been able to find me.
Website: www.thesultanofspin.com
Carlos is a talented photographer and spends the majority of his time traveling to remote, beautiful, locations to surf and capture images. He has been on the road for a few years in places like Indonesia, Central America, South America, and India. He has spent some time in The Himalayas photographing, exploring, and studying with Buddhist monks. He was born in raised in Guatemala, one of the most crime-riddled places in the Americas, and to make it even more dangerous, he has blonde hair that makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

Carlos went school to become an architect and had a great job waiting for him when he graduated college. It was his dream job with the only sustainable architecture firm in the region. They offered him a partnership opportunity. According to Carlos, upon graduating from college, “a mind flip drove him to look for the truth of happiness and the truth of himself.” Instead of “sitting, working, and waiting for life to finish,” he gave up everything, sold all his material possessions, put the cash in his pocket, and boarded a plane and took off for destnations unknown to “target harmony, happiness, and truth.”

I have had a website presence with liveBooks for some time. The introduction of Scaler has greatly enhanced the presentation of my imagery, particularly my botanical work. Scaler allows for magnificent clarity, depth and color. The images are stunning! It is just one more tool to reach the marketplace effectively.

The ease of operation and access to support staff is unmatched. liveBooks continues to produce innovative improvements allowing the photographer to concentrate on making images.

Website: www.robertclevelandphoto.com
Robert’s natural affinity for the arts and the natural world as a youth, particularly botanicals, led to a three year study of biology and environmental science at Alma College. This interest evolved further as a student in the Applied and Fine Art Photography program at the celebrated College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Graduation was followed by a career in advertising photography, primarily in the automotive industry, with a national and international client base. However, Robert maintained his sensitivity to the intricacies of the natural world and continued to explore its magnificence.

The retired automotive advertising photographer’s mastery of technique now serves his own artistic expression. Robert is currently embracing the creative process fostering imagery with more emotional flavor and conceptual significance. He regularly exhibits in galleries and museums. His work is found in private and corporate collections as well. Most of his photography is drawn from his seasonal residence on Northern Lake Michigan and frequent trips to Southwest United States.

In December 2008, my website was in need of a serious makeover. After extensive research I decided to invest in a liveBooks website. The customer support was excellent throughout the entire set-up process and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the liveBooks editSuite made uploading my portfolio a breeze.

After only a few short weeks of going live my new liveBooks website elevated me into a new market. With a new client base being established, my projects were increasing in complexity and budget. My workload was evolving from small partial day shoots to large multiple day assignments for prominent companies. The new attention that my business was receiving was due to two major factors: powerful search engine optimization tools and the overall aesthetic of my site. My liveBooks site not only looks great and functions beautifully, it also ensures that my site is searchable without having to pay others for search results.

With customer support quick to resolve issues, the best SEO in the industry and features that work hard so that you can spend more time shooting, I will continue to recommend liveBooks to creative professionals looking to take their business to the next level.

Website: www.fladzinski.com
Blog: blog.fladzinski.com
Lucas Fladzinski is a professional photographer specializing in architectural and advertising assignments. In 2004, Lucas received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Davis and in 2001 he earned a BFA degree from Western Michigan University. His diverse portfolio has been featured in several books and numerous blogs and magazines. Lucas is also a fine art photographer with an active exhibition record throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

November 5th, 2012

Andy Smith: Commercial Photographer

Posted by liveBooks

Two years ago I relocated to London. I was concerned that my site would drop down Google search rankings because London is obviously a very competitive market. A few months ago my site made it on page one of Google searches for five of the keyword phrases I wanted it to appear under. My top listings are: Editorial Photographer London (#1 on Page 1.) Advertising Photographer London (#2 on Page 1.) Commercial Photographer London (#3 on Page 1.) Since I started to appear on page one I’ve received a noticeable increase in inquiries coming through my website. On top of great service, great design, and the ability to update my site in seconds, I know that my liveBooks site is being seen, which is obviously what it is all about.
Website: www.andysmithuk.com
Before devoting his energies to photography, Andy traveled the world. When I ask him why he decided to become a professional photographer he recalls a defining moment in his travels through India. A scene still sticks in his mind of seeing children washing up in toxic water in the slums of Mumbai; in the background of the image is one of India’s premier 5-star hotels. Seeing this juxtaposition, Andy felt compelled to capture this story and knew that there were more of these stories to be told.

Take a look at Andy Smith’s work and you’ll see that he’s a different kind of photographer. Alongside his lifestyle work, his portfolios are storybooks of real people, often working in unique environments, to provide goods and services that we use everyday. Andy’s most recent project showcases how larger corporations are investing back in the communities where they harvest resources; from funding schools and community programs to planning sustainable resource procurement. From food companies to fashion brands and rubber manufacturers, companies oftentimes have deep supply chains that include small shareholders in developing countries. Many corporations are investing in improving the lives of these people and creating sustainable systems that supplement the resources they harvest. In this time when news about corporations is overwhelmingly negative, it’s important that photographers like Andy tell these stories too. Read more about Andy’s new work and hear more of his stories on his liveBooks website.

Do you want to be on page one of Google like Andy Smith? liveBooks does SEO right and can help you achieve the same success Andy did. Start getting noticed today and call for a FREE consultation with one of our SEO guru’s.

liveBooks enables me to have two fully-functional websites: one for my wedding work and one for my commercial clients. Each site is easy to organize, integrated and convenient for clients to access their images in password-protected areas. liveBooks was able to make my wedding website a great compliment to my commercial website both in design and function. With liveBooks I can showcase all of my work in the best way possible!
Website: www.lisawisemanweddings.com
Photographer Lisa Wiseman is a passionate shooter based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has earned esteemed distinction and numerous awards including an honorable mention from both the International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photographie. Lisa was also recognized as one of Photoboite’s 30 under 30 and her work was awarded, Best in Show at the Academy of Art University.

Lisa’s clients include: Marie Claire, Newsweek, Axe Body Spray, The Chicago Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, WIRED, Yoga Journal, Perforce Software, VENICE and Resource Magazine.

When we decided to launch the new and improved Fivecat.com, our priorities were the presentation of our photos and how our prospective clients would best view our work. With a well-developed social context built with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and multiple blogs, our website is integral to our web presence as a dedicated online portfolio. Our success is contingent on the layout and delivery of our architectural images; liveBooks gave us the tools and support that best showcases our craft. They exceeded our expectations and our projects look fantastic.

…and, if that wasn’t enough…

The user interface for the editSuite makes it simple to keep the site updated and the dedicated mobile sites let us share our work with prospects on the go. We are thrilled with the resulting website and look forward to a long lasting partnership with liveBooks.

Website: www.fivecat.com

Fivecat Studio (McCarthy LePage Architects, PC) is an award-winning architecture firm serving Westchester County (NY), Fairfield County (CT), the Hamptons and New York’s Hudson Valley. Since the firm’s formation in 1999, Fivecat Studio has established a regional reputation as a leading design firm providing complete architecture, interior design and construction management services for residential, commercial and small institutional projects.

Fivecat Studio creates thoughtful, well-crafted contemporary architecture inspired by their clients and rooted in the traditions and history of the region. The firm is committed to including sustainable design and energy conservation measures in every project. Each project is approached with respect for the natural environment and sensitivity toward the site and local climatic conditions.

Specialties: Custom Residential Small Projects, Sustainable Architecture, LEED Certified Buildings

I chose liveBooks for my website because it is all about the images, and ease of use.Clients want to see the photos, and the new Scaler sites deliver just what I was looking for. Big beautiful images that fill the screen no matter what size monitor the they are viewed on. And with the new mobile sites I can be seen on the road without any loss of quality.

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the support and design staff who helped ensure that my transition to Scaler went very smoothly. SEO is built right in, and allows me to tweak my site to ensure maximum

Website: www.gregwestphotography.com
Boston Photographer Greg West has specialized in location photography of architecture and interiors for over twenty six years. His clients include Architects, Interior Designers, building owners, general contractors, product manufacturers, and various editorial publications. In addition to the stunning photography, Greg’s site is a nice example of how you can incorporate testimonials into your site. We think that adds a little something special!