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I chose liveBooks because their websites have a modern, sleek, and functional design and can easily be customized and integrated with other services such as Photoshelter and PayPal. I value that I can easily make image and text changes to my site myself. I can even modify the parts which have been customized (for example, my slideshows). liveBooks is always upfront about the cost of modifications which, as someone who makes changes to my site from time to time, is very important. I can honestly say that all of these factors have contributed to the overall success of my business.
Website: www.michaelseebeck.com
Michael has had a lifelong devotion to photography. Although he has been many places to pursue the technique and art of landscape photography he has lived on Christmas Island for over 4 years, primarily to focus on underwater and wildlife photography further. Michael has won many awards, most recently in the Epson International Pano Awards 2010.

liveBooks enables me to efficiently and boldly show my work to clients in a manner that clearly demonstrates what I do, period.

Christopher Griffith: Why I love my liveBooks website
Website: www.christophergriffith.com

I chose liveBooks two-and-half years ago, and I haven’t looked back. As a photographer, my images are my calling card, and liveBooks realizes this. That’s why they’ve made their sites so photo-friendly, allowing us, the photographer, to have complete control over the images that appear on our site, and they’ve given us the ability to update and make changes to the images whenever and wherever. But this is only the tip of the iceberg – I’ve come to realize that my liveBooks website’s clean design allows my photos to do the talking. liveBooks maximizes the look and feel of a photographer’s site so that the images command all of the attention rather than letting distracting graphics get in the way of the photos. Add in liveBooks’ super friendly, prompt customer service, and I consider them a partner well worth doing business with for the foreseeable future.
Website: www.codyraisig.com
Cody Raisig is an award winning wedding photographer based in New York. His work is characterized by glowing emotion, soft light and powerful compositions. Browse his portfolios and you’ll see what we mean.

Within a month of re-launching my site with liveBooks I had a big increase in traffic and print sales.
Website: www.artwolfe.com
Over the course of Art’s 30 year career as a photographer, he has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. His images interpret and record the world’s fast-disappearing wildlife, landscapes, and native cultures, and they’ve been recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition, and perspective.

A liveBooks custom website has provided me with an authentic representation of who I am as a photographer. It has given me the tools to help represent my vision of how I experience the world, and interprets the methodology of how I work as a photographer. In order to share this experience with a broader audience, I chose liveBooks to create my website based on the sole idea that they were more than capable of interpreting my concept into a website that reflects these ideas.
Once my website went live, the feedback that I received was incredible. After many tumultuous years in this business, experiencing all the changes since the 90’s, liveBooks has given me the second wind that I needed to help me get back on my feet and restore my confidence as a photographer. Since then I have revitalized a new business plan, seek out talent in areas where I am deficient, and learned to embrace the importance of collaboration, especially in this day age, as technology is constantly changing.
Website: www.thomaslindahlrobinson.com
Thomas Lindahl Robinson was born in Los Angeles California where he developed a penchant for visual storytelling at a young age. Now based in San Francisco he continues his photo documentations of families in Tibet and Cuba. As you can see his work seeks to reach deep into the human condition.

November 4th, 2010

Robert Glenn Ketchum

Posted by liveBooks

I’ve used liveBooks for the past five years, and was one of their early clients. We recently collaborated on the site redesign, and I feel it is a real evolution both technically and aesthetically. The founders of liveBooks are also photographers, so they had a real appreciation for what I do. This made the whole process more rewarding for both of us, and resulted in a great website.
Website: www.robertglennketchum.com

October 24th, 2010

Richard Patterson

Posted by liveBooks

Over the past four years I have been diving deeper into the moving image and it has been essential to keep my business competitive. I am really excited that liveBooks, a site I’ve trusted with presenting my still photography for the past five years, is now joining forces with Vimeo, the only other company I trust to help me broadcast my films and videos in a professional community of like-minded creatives.
Website: www.richardpattersonphoto.com
Richard Patterson lives in New York City shooting portrait and editorial work for such clients as The New York Times, Nike, K Mart and Sony. Richard worked with our design team to create a layout that was expressive, but not distracting. Other things to check out while on Richard’s site are his use of our video upload feature and a link to his PhotoShelter archive.

October 19th, 2010

CLO Systems: WallWizard Products

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.wallwizardsproducts.com
This liveBooks site is chock-full of customization. It includes a dynamic and interactive home page slideshow with linking to editable info pages. Two custom dynamic interactive portfolio landing pages. A matching Vimeo-enabled page. And an interactive dealer map that links to editable info pages.

In the end, everything that I’m doing is about being able to communicate with an audience. Without this, all the people I’ve photographed, all their stories, it all just disappears. Scaler gives me the maximum impact that can be provided on the Web.
Website: www.ronhaviv.com
Award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv has produced images of conflict and humanitarian crises that have made headlines from around the world since the end of the cold war. Haviv is also co-founder of the legendary photo agency VII.

August 24th, 2010

Justin Francis

Posted by liveBooks

livebooks has always been a great showcase for the still image. I just used the same tools to create something that features my work as a Director/Photographer. The end result is a site where all of my work can feel at home.

Justin Francis: Why I love my liveBooks site
Website: www.justinfrancis.com
Director and Photographer Justin Francis’ new website has created the biggest buzz among the liveBooks staff since we launched the new National Geographic site. Why? Browse through the video pages (available in the “Director” menu area) and see for yourself. Justin asked me to be sure to acknowledge Adam Royer, our Senior Flash Designer, for all his hard work on these pages, which were custom designed just for this project.