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In December 2008, my website was in need of a serious makeover. After extensive research I decided to invest in a liveBooks website. The customer support was excellent throughout the entire set-up process and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the liveBooks editSuite made uploading my portfolio a breeze.

After only a few short weeks of going live my new liveBooks website elevated me into a new market. With a new client base being established, my projects were increasing in complexity and budget. My workload was evolving from small partial day shoots to large multiple day assignments for prominent companies. The new attention that my business was receiving was due to two major factors: powerful search engine optimization tools and the overall aesthetic of my site. My liveBooks site not only looks great and functions beautifully, it also ensures that my site is searchable without having to pay others for search results.

With customer support quick to resolve issues, the best SEO in the industry and features that work hard so that you can spend more time shooting, I will continue to recommend liveBooks to creative professionals looking to take their business to the next level.

Website: www.fladzinski.com
Blog: blog.fladzinski.com
Lucas Fladzinski is a professional photographer specializing in architectural and advertising assignments. In 2004, Lucas received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Davis and in 2001 he earned a BFA degree from Western Michigan University. His diverse portfolio has been featured in several books and numerous blogs and magazines. Lucas is also a fine art photographer with an active exhibition record throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

November 20th, 2012

Janice Moses Represents

Posted by liveBooks

I am thankful for my relationship with liveBooks – and it grows because of the opportunities and exchanges we have. They gave us the tools and the technology, coaching and support to reinvent the way we do business. The ability to integrate Vimeo changes everything. I am very happy to invest in all the work done by the liveBooks team. Some people go to school to learn, I went to liveBooks.
Website: www.janicemoses.com
Janice Moses Represents proudly offers artist representation with a positive vibe and a personal touch. Representing some of the best photographers, stylists and CGI artists she understands the entire process. See how still and motion come together in this beautifully designed website.

“When I first had a website I was freelance, and my liveBooks site was an invaluable way of promoting my business. Now that I’m on staff with Reuters it serves as a portfolio for my images, which helps me see how my work is developing and inspires me to constantly try to learn and improve as a photographer. I like that I’m able to change and update my portfolios simply and quickly. My liveBooks site has also opened up speaking and interview opportunities.”
Website: Lucy Nicholson Photography

The best way I can think to describe Lucy’s work is with the adjective “Live”. The sports photography on her liveBooks site plays out like an “ESPN Top 100 Sports Moments” except better; it’s energetic, spontaneous and well… live! Every image on her liveBooks site feels momentous. You will likely find your mind playing out a scenario of what might come next after each frame. For this reason, Lucy has covered the greatest of sporting events including five Super Bowls, 11 NBA finals, and recently the Olympic Games.

Lucy is also accomplished in the area of photojournalism. The emotion in her portfolios of Afghanistan and Gaza feels raw and undisturbed. Each image feels like something you would remember forever if you saw it first hand. I was especially moved by the intensity of images she captured from Gaza, in which each insightful photo captures the humanity and inhumanity of war even beyond what is tangible in the frame. To this end, Lucy’s images enable important stories to be told.

September 19th, 2012

Bruce Farnsworth: Editorial Photographer

Posted by liveBooks

For me, the custom Scaler site is a magical experience. It engages viewers and delivers features tailored to the needs of a working photographer. I have the confidence of knowing that my work is accessible on any device, from iPhones to massive LCDs. It’s great to go large. One editor confessed that she found herself so attracted to the detail in the Scaler images that she reached out to ‘touch the animals’.
Website: www.brucefarnsworth.com
Blue Earth Project: www.rainforeststories.org
Bruce Farnsworth is an editorial photographer focusing on place-based understandings of wilderness and sustainability initiatives in critical tropical rainforest reserves. Profound intercultural experiences and degrees in zoology, education and art influence his intimate and richly textured images. Bruce’s work showcases the raw beauty of rainforest environments and raises attention to the importance of rainforest preservation. Bruce’s clients include National Geographic, Smithsonian, Nature Conservancy, CondeNast and Discovery magazines as well as Fodor’s Travel Guides, Harcourt Brace and Taylor & Francis publishers, among others. Bruce is currently soliciting project partners and sponsors for his documentary project with the Blue Earth Alliance, entitled “Amazon Headwaters: Locals Working Toward the Global”. The Blue Earth provides fiscal sponsorship, facilitating tax-deductible donations as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

liveBooks has played a vital roll in the evolution of my business. Given the highly competitive nature of our industry, I felt it was very important to present my work in the most professional and clean format possible. Options like HD video using Vimeo and customization to integrate branding materials has made my website the best marketing dollars I have spent. It’s simple and it works.
Website: www.serbophoto.com
Celin Serbo is an award winning photographer based in Boulder, CO. His work is inspired by his appreciation for natural surroundings and outdoor activities such as climbing, skiing and biking.

I had an existing liveBooks site that was really successful, but after 5 years it was time to upgrade it to a Scaler site. Ryan and Adam from liveBooks’ in-house design team are great collaborators. They built me a site that stayed true to my brand, and that’s also fresh in design and functionality.
Website: davidemmite.com
Photographer David Emmite’s six-year-old “What if?…” imagination sparks his experiments in photography: “What if animals were hardwired to machines?” “What if you could make a zero-gravity energy field?” “What if robots were homeless?” David trained in Atlanta at the Portfolio Center and assisted in New York before eventually landing in Portland, Oregon where he started his own studio in 1996.

His clients include HBO, Pacifico Beer, Progressive Insurance, Gatorade, Nike and many more. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts Photo Annual, Graphis Photo Annual, Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Annual, The One Show and Photo District News “30 Photographers Under 30.”

liveBooks enables me to have two fully-functional websites: one for my wedding work and one for my commercial clients. Each site is easy to organize, integrated and convenient for clients to access their images in password-protected areas. liveBooks was able to make my wedding website a great compliment to my commercial website both in design and function. With liveBooks I can showcase all of my work in the best way possible!
Website: www.lisawisemanweddings.com
Photographer Lisa Wiseman is a passionate shooter based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has earned esteemed distinction and numerous awards including an honorable mention from both the International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photographie. Lisa was also recognized as one of Photoboite’s 30 under 30 and her work was awarded, Best in Show at the Academy of Art University.

Lisa’s clients include: Marie Claire, Newsweek, Axe Body Spray, The Chicago Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, WIRED, Yoga Journal, Perforce Software, VENICE and Resource Magazine.

When we decided to launch the new and improved Fivecat.com, our priorities were the presentation of our photos and how our prospective clients would best view our work. With a well-developed social context built with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and multiple blogs, our website is integral to our web presence as a dedicated online portfolio. Our success is contingent on the layout and delivery of our architectural images; liveBooks gave us the tools and support that best showcases our craft. They exceeded our expectations and our projects look fantastic.

…and, if that wasn’t enough…

The user interface for the editSuite makes it simple to keep the site updated and the dedicated mobile sites let us share our work with prospects on the go. We are thrilled with the resulting website and look forward to a long lasting partnership with liveBooks.

Website: www.fivecat.com

Fivecat Studio (McCarthy LePage Architects, PC) is an award-winning architecture firm serving Westchester County (NY), Fairfield County (CT), the Hamptons and New York’s Hudson Valley. Since the firm’s formation in 1999, Fivecat Studio has established a regional reputation as a leading design firm providing complete architecture, interior design and construction management services for residential, commercial and small institutional projects.

Fivecat Studio creates thoughtful, well-crafted contemporary architecture inspired by their clients and rooted in the traditions and history of the region. The firm is committed to including sustainable design and energy conservation measures in every project. Each project is approached with respect for the natural environment and sensitivity toward the site and local climatic conditions.

Specialties: Custom Residential Small Projects, Sustainable Architecture, LEED Certified Buildings

I chose liveBooks for my website because it is all about the images, and ease of use.Clients want to see the photos, and the new Scaler sites deliver just what I was looking for. Big beautiful images that fill the screen no matter what size monitor the they are viewed on. And with the new mobile sites I can be seen on the road without any loss of quality.

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the support and design staff who helped ensure that my transition to Scaler went very smoothly. SEO is built right in, and allows me to tweak my site to ensure maximum

Website: www.gregwestphotography.com
Boston Photographer Greg West has specialized in location photography of architecture and interiors for over twenty six years. His clients include Architects, Interior Designers, building owners, general contractors, product manufacturers, and various editorial publications. In addition to the stunning photography, Greg’s site is a nice example of how you can incorporate testimonials into your site. We think that adds a little something special!

liveBooks has been a great solution for me. My work needs to be seen large and the new liveBooks Scaler website allows me to maximize my image size. Most of my images are shot with a medium format panoramic camera thus the large image size allows clients and gallery owners to see the detail in my work. In addition, my website gives the gallery owners that represent my work the ability to choose and select images for shows and for their clients.I have been with liveBooks since 2005 and have enjoyed the ability to call upon the expert support as my business needs have grown and developed. The liveBooks team has been efficient, friendly, professional, and helpful with design ideas. The ability to easily change the content on my site allows me to spend my time focused on my business and my art. I appreciate having liveBooks as my technology partner.

Website: www.friedmanphoto.com
Steven Friedman was born in 1964 in Ottawa, Canada. It was not until he found an SLR camera on an autumn hiking adventure in the Gatineau Park that he took his first photograph. This new craft quickly became his passion and before long he established himself as a respected fine art photographer. Steven considers himself to be a purist; his approach is to capture untouched natural beauty with a large format camera. He does not believe in any manipulation of his images. All of Steven’s images are full frame from the camera and are not cropped. The is a great example of how panoramic work can be beautifully displayed online.