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Three years ago I decided that as a young photographer, having a professional looking site was vital to my future success in this industry. Especially if I wanted to be taken seriously and to stand out from the crowd. After a week of browsing the photographers who inspire me most, it was no question that liveBooks had exactly what I needed for my website. The clean and simple layout was exactly what I was looking for and it fit my high school senior budget well. The add-ons were extremely simple to have done. The customer service turn around time was extremely quick. Within no time I had the exact site I needed to show my portfolio.

Over time, my portfolio and shooting abilities grew. As well as my business and career. Shooting documentary, portrait, sport and advertising, on top of personal work, my site showcased a large range of what I had shot. Pretty soon my portfolio site was too content heavy, making it somewhat intimidating or confusing to my potential portrait clients. I wanted them to have a simple experience on my site while not having to go through multiple sets of images that were not relevant to their interests, just to find my portrait work.

With that in mind I decided it was time to create a second liveBooks site for just my portrait work. The new site was designed just for my portrait clients and contains nothing but different samples of my portrait work. Having a site dedicated just for portraiture, gave me a large amount of options I hadn’t had with the single website. It gave me the opportunity to show a lot more of my portrait work and categorize it into simple genres. While the included video page allows me to share behind the scenes videos to show my clients why my shoots are all about. This in return, made it easier for my new clients to see my portrait work as well as creates a more fun and informative interaction. It also freed up my old site to contain just my portfolio of my strongest work, without mixing my portrait business into things. Having a second site dedicated to just my portrait business has made been beneficial from the first day it went live and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

At the age of 19 (20 in a week!) having a professional site has been vital to my success. I am happy that liveBooks has been there for me. I would strongly suggest liveBooks to any and all young photographers, aspiring photographers or professional photographers alike who want to have the best website on the net to display their work.

Website: www.jimmyhickey.net
Jimmy Hickey is a young, award-winning photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. His large body of work has been published and admired across the globe. It’s pretty neat. Jimmy is one of the youngest working photographers in this professional field. To view both of Jimmy’s sites click here.

Website: www.fleetingmomentsstudio.com

I first read about liveBooks in a photography and design trade publication. After doing some research I chose liveBooks because it was well regarded, and provided clean design by and for professional artists. The many templates available for showcasing our portfolios of work were well organized and easily navigable. liveBooks has been an asset to our business, providing a great way for our current and future clients to work with us and see our work. Thanks to liveBooks for making it clean, creative and easy!
Website: www.blackmoredesign.com
Eric Blackmore has an extensive background in graphic design, photography and videography. He has also become a craftsman of fine woodworking and custom hardwood furniture. His website displays a sampling of his various works.

My husband, a designer and photographer, first read about liveBooks in a trade magazine.  We both chose liveBooks because it was so obviously designed by and for professional artists. Here is a web platform specifically created for showcasing a portfolio of work, where my art does not have to compete with superfluous design. I am proud of my online portfolio, and I’d like to thank liveBooks for making it clean, creative and easy!
Website: www.katherineblackmore.com
Katherine Blackmore is an illustrator who loves to draw stories, a fine artist who loves to experiment with different techniques. No matter what the medium, she loves to tell imaginative, captivating stories with her art. Katherine is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and is represented by The McVeigh Agency.

After looking at many different options for my retouching site, none seemed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as livebooks. My biggest challenge was how to show the before and after images. Using the Vimeo page I’m able to create videos to show the retouching process from start to finish. Most importantly, having the ability update content in minutes is crucial to keeping the website fresh. I have been using liveBooks for years and have been extremely happy with their product and service.
Website: www.birdvisual.com
Bird Visual is a post-production retouching studio. They have made the most out of their liveBooks website by integrating Vimeo to demonstrate the various stages of their work. Be sure and take a look at their ‘Before / After’ videos to see how skillfully they transform images.

October 19th, 2010

Roger Snider

Posted by liveBooks

I had just launched my first liveBooks website devoted to my shots of custom big rigs when I started to get more work shooting stills on TV commercials. I needed Reps and Art Buyers to see the impressive campaigns I was shooting without having to search through unrelated images. Having a separate website to show this work was the best strategy. And when blogs and online magazines would feature my work they were able to link to sites that were specific to what the content they wanted to feature. liveBooks websites are easy to manage and the team really understand what photographers need to succeed.
Website: www.rogerksnider.com

October 19th, 2010

Roger Snider

Posted by liveBooks

I purchased my first liveBooks website back in 2008. At the time I was shooting custom big rigs, fashion, portraits, fine art, landscapes and a project on the LA roller derby team. I noticed my custom truck images were generating the most Google traffic, but my site had become so generalized that Reps and Art Buyers all agreed that there was just too much to look at. I decided it would be best to have a website devoted to my work on custom big rigs. And when it came time to add new pages I often needed help from a friend to customize HTML code. It was a real drag.

I decided to work with liveBooks because the team understands what I do and has the tools I need to succeed. I came up with a URL and had the logo designed by liveBooks. Having a separate site for this work has lead to me getting assignments for publications such as National Geographic among others. The site went live in June of 2008 and the rest is history!

Website: www.ultrarigsoftheworld.com

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August 13th, 2010

Carol Highsmith: 21st Century Alabama

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.21stcenturyalabama.com

Website: www.fleetingmomentsphotography.com

Website: www.michaelhowardphoto.com