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November 10th, 2010

Lyle Owerko

Posted by liveBooks

For the last 7 years liveBooks has allowed me to present my work to the world with a beautifully designed and easy to navigate website. Putting up new work is straight forward using the editSuite. Anytime I’m ready for significant changes or upgrades the liveBooks design team has been there to help. It’s a relationship that’s worked right from day one!
Website: www.owerko.com
Lyle Owerko is a photographer and filmmaker with a diverse roster of clients that include major brands, corporations and human rights groups. Known for his perception and knowledge of urban movements, his instinctually crafter visual images have found an indelible place in the lexicon of pop culture and journalism. In a morning that will stay with him forever, Lyle photographed the image that appeared on the cover of Time Magazine’s Sept. 11 2001 issue.

November 4th, 2010

Jim Krantz

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.jimkrantz.com
Jim is this year’s LUCIE Award winner for International Photographer of the Year. Krantz is what I consider a photographer’s photographer. He uses a variety of techniques and styles successfully both in his commercial and personal portfolios. His online presentation is clean and minimal, with plenty of style, while keeping the viewer’s focus on the images themselves.

August 13th, 2010

Nicolo Sertorio

Posted by liveBooks

I chose to move to liveBooks back in 2006 as I really liked the clean look, with all the attention going to my images. My focus is on refined lifestyle, so I needed a clean elegant look. I have been really happy with my choice. One of the main reasons I have been recommending liveBooks to all my photographers friends is I do not have to worry about technology updates. As an example, when the iPad came out most of my friends were struggling to update their sites. With liveBooks I only had to click a few buttons! I also really like the instantaneous updates that I can do myself and the ease of key-wording images.
Website: www.photonicolo.com

August 3rd, 2010

Lisk & Possardt

Posted by liveBooks

“I shoot both video and still, so I need a website that lets me easily update and edit my images and video portfolios. The liveBooks editSuite makes it so easy it is fun!”

Lisk & Possardt
Website: www.liskundpossardt.com
Jeff Lisk and Bernd Possardt are an award winning video/commercial director duo based in Germany. Be sure to check out their new Lamborghini commercial. Their website goes beyond photography to showcase award winning multimedia content. The rich video collection that Jeff and Bernd created does not only load fast, but is also presented very professionally and artistically. You might be surprised to know that all the video pages were created and uploaded by them with no intervention by our staff. It is a great example of how a liveBooks site can adapt to the different kinds of content our client might have.

August 2nd, 2010

Carlos Baez

Posted by liveBooks

With a little bit of work, my site’s search ranking rose dramatically within weeks! When you search for ‘Miami wedding photographer,’ I now come up on the top of page two.

Carlos Baez: Why I love my liveBooks website
Website: www.carlosbaez.com
Having worked in fashion and editorial photography for over 20 years, Carlos knows that every diva has her day, and that being a supermodel is having a certain frame of mind, not a certain look. His fashion fusion style has also made him one of the most sought after exclusive wedding photographers.

July 20th, 2010

Michael Corsentino

Posted by liveBooks

liveBooks was my first and only choice when looking to create a compelling and effective web presence for my photography business. As the first point of contact for my business making the right choice was a key decision. My liveBooks site has paid huge dividends by providing increased exposure, positive brand recognition, consistently higher booking averages and a positive client experience each and every time. With top flight customer service, an intuitive admin interface and a host of sophisticated tools and products to meet all needs, it’s no wonder why liveBooks is an industry leader.
Website: www.corsentinophotography.com

July 20th, 2010

Eric Laurits

Posted by liveBooks

I hear all the time from my clients how much they enjoyed my site – both because of the caliber of work and the ease of experience, which I attribute to my partnership with liveBooks and our custom design. We built the site to be deceptively simple – on the surface it’s clean, artistic, and lets the images speak for themselves but once you dive under the hood you realize how much information is found therein. Working with my designer was a blast and I can’t imagine a better way to convey who I am to my prospectives.
Website: www.ericlauritsweddings.com
Wedding photographer Eric Laurits is the founder and principal photographer for :e: in Boston, Massachusetts. Beyond the normal range of offerings :e: provides to the wedding client, they have a philanthropic side that is truly inspirational. Go to the site and click on “enrich” to find out more.

July 7th, 2010

Ken Scott

Posted by liveBooks

I was up and running in a few hours. It was very easy to switch over my email and my web hosting and there was virtually no downtime. I was really amazed on how intuitive it is to create and edit my different portfolios. I couldn’t be happier.

Ken Scott: Why I love liveBooks
Website: www.kenscottphoto.com

Onyeka Ibe: Fine Art
Website: www.ibefineart.com

April 10th, 2010

Adam Den Haene

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.adamdenhaene.com
Educated in both photography and filmmaking, Adam Den Haene has a style that is at once provocative and commercially viable. With an impressive list of awards and expositions to his name, Adam projects the image of the consummate NY photographer many of us dream of being.