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I’ve been using liveBooks for about 4-5 years. I love using liveBooks because it’s clean, aesthetically pleasing, and makes my work look good. With liveBooks it’s easy and I understand it; liveBooks speaks my language.

Sean Alonzo Harris: Why liveBooks? from liveBooks on Vimeo.

Website: www.seanalonzoharris.com

Sean Harris: Portrait Photographer

We hope you enjoy liveBooks first foray into video on our Success page with a highlight of Sean Alonzo Harris talking about why he loves liveBooks.

At age seven photographer Sean Young Harris received his first camera; a gift from his grandmother. It was a watershed moment that would begin a lifelong passion for photography. In high school, his work won him the James VanDerZee Black Heritage award. Sean went on to study at the Art Institute in Boston and currently lives and practices in Maine.

Sean describes his work as interpretive of people and environments. He has a wonderful ability to capture emotion and to tell visual stories that transcend simple subject and environment. In this way, the work evokes a curious quality of “What comes next?”, and the narrative in the viewer perceptions becomes a part of the experience of viewing his work.

September 20th, 2012

Tim Breaseale: Commercial Photographer

Posted by liveBooks

Having a website that can scale is like my own secret weapon that helps me stand out from the rest of the World Wide Web. With the SEO integration of liveBooks, my searchable presence has increased, I am getting more hits on my site, and this means more clients are seeing my work.
Tim Breaseale Commercial Photographer
Website: www.timbreaseale.com

Tim Breaseale: Commercial Photographer

When you look at Tim’s work a story unfolds. Each subject is showcased in a way that enhances the viewers curiosity; is the subject the individual or the setting? Be it skateboards, elephants, or models, the story he elicits never disappoints.

September 19th, 2012

Bruce Farnsworth: Editorial Photographer

Posted by liveBooks

For me, the custom Scaler site is a magical experience. It engages viewers and delivers features tailored to the needs of a working photographer. I have the confidence of knowing that my work is accessible on any device, from iPhones to massive LCDs. It’s great to go large. One editor confessed that she found herself so attracted to the detail in the Scaler images that she reached out to ‘touch the animals’.
Website: www.brucefarnsworth.com
Blue Earth Project: www.rainforeststories.org
Bruce Farnsworth is an editorial photographer focusing on place-based understandings of wilderness and sustainability initiatives in critical tropical rainforest reserves. Profound intercultural experiences and degrees in zoology, education and art influence his intimate and richly textured images. Bruce’s work showcases the raw beauty of rainforest environments and raises attention to the importance of rainforest preservation. Bruce’s clients include National Geographic, Smithsonian, Nature Conservancy, CondeNast and Discovery magazines as well as Fodor’s Travel Guides, Harcourt Brace and Taylor & Francis publishers, among others. Bruce is currently soliciting project partners and sponsors for his documentary project with the Blue Earth Alliance, entitled “Amazon Headwaters: Locals Working Toward the Global”. The Blue Earth provides fiscal sponsorship, facilitating tax-deductible donations as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

liveBooks has played a vital roll in the evolution of my business. Given the highly competitive nature of our industry, I felt it was very important to present my work in the most professional and clean format possible. Options like HD video using Vimeo and customization to integrate branding materials has made my website the best marketing dollars I have spent. It’s simple and it works.
Website: www.serbophoto.com
Celin Serbo is an award winning photographer based in Boulder, CO. His work is inspired by his appreciation for natural surroundings and outdoor activities such as climbing, skiing and biking.

I had an existing liveBooks site that was really successful, but after 5 years it was time to upgrade it to a Scaler site. Ryan and Adam from liveBooks’ in-house design team are great collaborators. They built me a site that stayed true to my brand, and that’s also fresh in design and functionality.
Website: davidemmite.com
Photographer David Emmite’s six-year-old “What if?…” imagination sparks his experiments in photography: “What if animals were hardwired to machines?” “What if you could make a zero-gravity energy field?” “What if robots were homeless?” David trained in Atlanta at the Portfolio Center and assisted in New York before eventually landing in Portland, Oregon where he started his own studio in 1996.

His clients include HBO, Pacifico Beer, Progressive Insurance, Gatorade, Nike and many more. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts Photo Annual, Graphis Photo Annual, Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Annual, The One Show and Photo District News “30 Photographers Under 30.”

When I began thinking about my website, I had broad conceptual ideas
about the look, feel and function of my site, but it was the collaboration
between myself and the design team that let me turn the ideas into a fully
functioning, unique website that spoke to my brand.
Website: http://fishercreative.com/.
The shot. The one you see and it instantly inspires you…fills you with wonderment. These shots don’t happen everyday.
That is, unless you spend everyday with Mark Fisher.Outdoor and action sports photographer Mark Fisher captures magical moments while he hangs from helicopters and composes from cliffs. Fisher takes you right to the spot where even gravity takes a step back.

Mark’s clients include: Patagonia, Columbia Sportswear, Red Bull, The North Face, National Geographic, Outside, Backpacker, ESPN, and the Huffington Post.

I chose a liveBooks Scaler website for the big images, ease of use and the integration with Vimeo. I also knew I could start with a predesigned website template and then customize it to make it my own. There are SO many decisions to be made concerning a website that it can become overwhelming to the point of not beginning at all. So to start with a well designed site that has had a lot of thought put into it and having the ability to personalize it to my taste and needs, made liveBooks an obvious choice for me.

The first response I get from people looking at the site is “love the big images”. Personally I love the intuitive navigation. It is important that you do not have to search around the perimeter of the page to figure out how to navigate the site. I specifically chose a template that had the navigation roughly where I wanted it – on the right side and at the bottom – and then made minor adjustments to make the site my own.

I love the collaboration with Vimeo. Being able to connect to a proven host where I already know the workflow has made integrating video into my site SO easy. And the viewer experience is awesome.

I try to be present in all of the obvious places and portals that art buyers will be looking. All of those places just redirect to my liveBooks website as it has a strong impact. It is important for buyers to instantly know what I do – and they can tell the moment they visit my site. My liveBooks website has made it easy for me to have a successful online presence that allows me to focus on creating new work.

Website: www.martinsundberg.com
Martin Sundberg is a photographer, director and DP based in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in making photographs and films of people living an active life, pursuing their passions, by land and by sea. His work has been recognized for capturing the intimate emotions and intensity of the experiences he shoots. His clients include a broad range of commercial and editorial clients spanning industries such as health and wellness, sport and travel. Martin’s site is a great example of how you can customize any of our predesigned website templates.

Website: www.jackdesrocher.com
Born in Bermuda, Jack grew up as a Navy brat. His family moved around a lot and he enjoyed living overseas, especially in the Philippines and Morocco. After graduating from Ringling School of Art, he worked for several design studios including Hallmark and later for the San Francisco Examiner from 1980 to 1989. Jack currently lives with his wife on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas.

December 29th, 2011

Davies and Starr

Posted by liveBooks

We have had our liveBooks website for several years and it gets us as much new business today as it did when we launched. I hate it when we have to send out an analog portfolio, all those big prints, fedexing and messengers, they put stickers on our beautiful expensive leather books, and they sometimes even steal your prints… liveBooks is the only way to showcase your work.
Website: www.dsportfolio.com
Davies and Starr are certainly some of the most creative people we know (and fun too:) This is a wonderful example of a website that has integrated still and video. Make sure you take a look at their innovative motion work.

Having a superior website with built-in SEO tools and round-the-clock customer service is critical to running a photography business in the 21st century. liveBooks offers a variety of site designs and design services, which allow your website to evolve with you. In the cut-throat business of commercial outdoor photography, having these items available as a professional looking turn-key solution gives you an edge. Professional presentation and ease-of use for first time viewers and potential clients helps you stand head and shoulders above your competition. The new Scaler sites enable you to bring even more punch to your presentation with full browser scaling images that will make any art director stand up and take notice of your finely attended to details.

I love liveBooks because I can easily manage my own content, their websites are scaleable and you can integrate many features into them. Zero down time is critical with potential clients viewing work around the globe. Past experiences with custom designed sites and large amounts of downtime forced me to see the light, and now I know to never look anywhere else again.

For photography, especially dynamic, element and detail driven work, having a Scaler site is invaluable. Art directors and CD’s want to see attention to detail that a full screen site brings, that smaller sites just can’t match. That’s the value add for WilzFoto. Going BIG…!

Website: portfolio.frontlineimage.com
WilzFoto is sustained by their love of bringing the best of who they are and what they do to everything they do. Andrew Wilz of WilzFoto’s mission is to bring cutting edge creativity and production to a diverse network of clients around the world. We think they’ve achieved that goal. Take a look at their work… we think you’ll agree.