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A website is one of a photographers the most important tools. My website is the face of my company. I trust liveBooks to handle and present my images, not only because they are the industry standard of online visuals but also because the tech support is fast, kind and most importantly, patient.
Website: www.jimjordanphotography.com
Jim lives and works bi-coastal in New York and Los Angeles, but the majority of his time is spent in exotic locations around the globe. He shoots pictures for advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and celebrities. Growing up as a skater and surfer in sunny, Southern California, Jim spent his high school days scouting models and finding the next great faces of the coming generation. With a passion for beauty and styling, Jim quickly became a highly respected hair and makeup artist, traveling the world and working with the biggest actors, actresses and supermodels of the time, such as Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, and Farrah Fawcett. He worked with the world’s best photographers, such as Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh, Steve Meisel, and Patrick Demarchelier, to name a few, and after many years of behind the scenes experience as a hair and makeup artist, Jim picked up a camera and immediately developed his own unique style as a photographer. Jim now shoots celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, and Marisa Miller. Jim’s clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Marie Claire. He also directs and shoots seamless campaigns for clients such as Mercedes Benz, J Crew, American Express, and Warner Brothers.

As commercial photographer I have always felt that the most important purpose of a website is to be able present my images in front of potential clients in the biggest, simplest and fastest way possible. I have been a liveBooks customer for a long time. They had almost everything I wanted and needed in my website. Now with Scaler liveBooks has it all!

Having a custom designed website allows me stand out. Being able to incorporate my brand makes it possible to create a consistent look and feel throughout all of my promotional pieces. Given that liveBooks is pretty much the standard for professional photographers, being unique is even more important. An advantage to working with the industry standard is that most clients are familiar with their navigation system. You do not want your viewers to take a lot of time figuring out how to view your work, because they won’t.

The editSuite is an invaluable tool because it allows me to make quick additions, changes to the sequence or layout of my portfolios and keep my online work organized. I use the FTP and client access features everyday in my workflow. I have not found a quicker, easier way to make custom pdf presentations for potential clients than in my editSuite.

I would not have a business if I did not have a liveBooks website. Having a beautifully designed, highly functional website is essential in todays market. liveBooks continually improves their offering and I am looking forward to see what they come out with next!

Website: www.psfotograf.com
Paul Schefz was born in Vienna and survived long periods of not seeing much sun by taking lots of pictures. He moved to California to formally study photography at Brooks where he was able to shoot in the sun all year long. After spending many years working in a studio in New York Paul is comfortable shooting in pretty much any weather, on any continent…inside or out and can work with light of any kind. His ability to tell a story in varying environments is visible in his work.

I chose liveBooks because their websites are easy for viewers to navigate and for the level of customization they offer. In the commercial photography industry it is important to stand out, especially when you are a small boutique style business in a secondary market such as we are. In order to draw in clients from various markets you must be unique and memorable. This is why branding is key. liveBooks worked with me to translate the identity of my business onto my custom website.

In my opinion a great business partner is accommodating, knowledgable and FAST. liveBooks is all of that. From design dilemmas to response times to general troubleshooting they have been stellar. I can always get in touch with a human if I have any questions or problems. They get the customer service concept.

Website: www.repgirl.com
RepGirl was founded in 2001 by Holly Thompson to provide comprehensive services for agencies and clients seeking top photo talent. Today RepGirl, Inc represents a select group if renowned and respected commercial photographers and provides top level service to clients all across the country from their base in Atlanta. They have successfully incorporated their brand throughout the site and have a fun animated splash intro.

I chose a liveBooks website was because I needed a well designed, intuitive administrative interface that allows me to upload my images from anywhere in the world. The liveBooks editSuite is so easy to use anyone can do it. I wanted to maintain control over the content on my site. With liveBooks I can upload my images as soon as I am done with a shoot – which I love!
Having a custom designed website allowed me to create an online presence that not only incorporated my branding but was a true reflection of who I am. It needed to show my love of travel, adventure and my passion for people and places. My loading bar states “Life is a collection of Experiences” and I feel fortunate to have had so many amazing ones that have come to life in my photos.
I believe that liveBooks’ SEO is going to drive even more traffic to my site. This in conjunction with targeted marketing campaigns will allow me to reach out to both new and existing clients – which I am very excited about!
In my opinion it is important for a website to have a clean layout that is easy to navigate and loads quickly. People have short attention spans these days so you have to make a first impression very quickly. Working with liveBooks was a real pleasure and I would recommend it to anyone looking to launch a new website!
Website: www.pamelajonesphoto.com
Pamela Jones is a self-professed yogaholic with a severe case of Wanderlust. In addition to producing innovative photography for editorial and advertising clients worldwide she donates her photography skills to serve NGOs and many other philanthropic organizations. Her imagery will captivate you immediately – beginning with an very cool animated splash intro that is shown prior to entering her site.

I chose liveBooks because their websites have a modern, sleek, and functional design and can easily be customized and integrated with other services such as Photoshelter and PayPal. I value that I can easily make image and text changes to my site myself. I can even modify the parts which have been customized (for example, my slideshows). liveBooks is always upfront about the cost of modifications which, as someone who makes changes to my site from time to time, is very important. I can honestly say that all of these factors have contributed to the overall success of my business.
Website: www.michaelseebeck.com
Michael has had a lifelong devotion to photography. Although he has been many places to pursue the technique and art of landscape photography he has lived on Christmas Island for over 4 years, primarily to focus on underwater and wildlife photography further. Michael has won many awards, most recently in the Epson International Pano Awards 2010.

My website has always been my strongest marketing tool so when it came time for a redesign I needed to consider my options. I needed a site that I could manage. Making changes to my previous website was cumbersome, the user interface was not intuitive and every time I wanted to make a change to my site my web designer had to rebuild it. It was also lacking other things I needed like SEO, a client gallery and iPhone/iPad capabilities. After much research and consideration I chose liveBooks due to their longstanding great reputation for building excellent websites for photographers. liveBooks understood my needs, could expand upon them, had experience doing what I needed done and was reasonably priced for a custom designed website.

Although my liveBooks website has been live for less than a month, I am already seeing results. In that time the traffic to my site has nearly doubled. I have little doubt that my new liveBooks site will be the strongest business tool I have created to date. It is clean, clear, intuitive, beautiful, SEO strong and easy to update. I could go on and on and on and on… I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend liveBooks without reservation. Time will tell its true impact on my business but I have little doubt it will be significant.

Website: www.feinknopf.com
Brad Feinknopf is able to create a powerfully interpretive architectural photograph. He understands the relationship between the design of the architecture and the design of the photograph. That is what sets his work apart.

February 7th, 2011

Colin Finlay: Photojournalist

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.colinfinlay.com
Colin Finlay is one of the foremost documentary photographers in the world. His work documents the human condition, war and conflict, the environment, genocide and famine with compassion, empathy and dignity. Colin’s work has been honored by several prestigious organizations such as the Lucie Award/IPA, POYi, New York Art Directors, PDN, Applied Arts, International Center for Photography, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. You can hear Colin describe why photojournalism is important in this Photographers in Focus video.

After looking at many different options for my retouching site, none seemed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as livebooks. My biggest challenge was how to show the before and after images. Using the Vimeo page I’m able to create videos to show the retouching process from start to finish. Most importantly, having the ability update content in minutes is crucial to keeping the website fresh. I have been using liveBooks for years and have been extremely happy with their product and service.
Website: www.birdvisual.com
Bird Visual is a post-production retouching studio. They have made the most out of their liveBooks website by integrating Vimeo to demonstrate the various stages of their work. Be sure and take a look at their ‘Before / After’ videos to see how skillfully they transform images.

December 20th, 2010

Jon Hill

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.jonhillpictures.com
Jon’s body work covers a broad range. From Advertising to Fine Art and everything in between. All of his work, both still and motion, are seamlessly brought together on his website.

December 17th, 2010

Rick McCleary

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.rickmccleary.com
Rick McCleary was raised near the Jersey shore and was called a daydreamer as a child. He describes his job as seeing real people in real places. His goal is to make the craft invisible as it allows the concept to flow unhindered. Rick’s images can be viewed after agreeing to his terms and conditions found on the custom flash page prior to entering his site. Take a look!