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liveBooks is my idea of what a minimalist portfolio site should be. I was able to choose from a wide variety of beautiful and functional designs. As the saying goes, “Only the best shall suffice – there is no substitute.” I’m a proud, thankful liveBooks client and I sincerely thank the team for their support.
Website: www.vicentep.com
We love the simplicity of Vicente’s site. It really allows his work to speak for itself. Vicente is a curious nomad forever in love with capturing the human condition in unique situations. We can’t wait to see more of his work!

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After seven years of having to work with developers to make changes to my website I was ready for something different. Not only did I want to be able to manage the content myself, I wanted an updated look and feel. I was drawn to the liveBooks platform by some of the best photographers in the business. Once I explored all their options I decided to go with a predesigned website template and then I added some bells and whistles. I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck! And I did not have to compromise on the design or the functionality of my site. The set-up process was intuitive and the support team was very responsive.

My liveBooks website has already led to new business. Aside from that one of my favorite things about my site is the interactive homepage – you can see 15 of my images without a single click! How cool is that?

Website: www.competitiveimage.us
Paul Phillips of Competitive Image Photography has built his business capturing the indomitable spirit of sports. You can tell that sports photography is his passion just by looking at his work. He creates imagery that is as inspiring as his subjects. And that is not easy to do! You can view his work on his website or keep up with him on his blog.

Several months back, after a long discussion with a few colleagues, I decided it was time to update my website. I was looking for something that would better represent my vision as a photographer now and in the years to come. It was also very important to me that my new site be very clean, elegant and showcase the work prominently. The search for a design team that would help me realize my vision quickly led me to liveBooks. Though I was hesitant at first to make the switch, the more time I spent with them the more at ease I felt. I’ll admit, some of my requests were a bit specific at times, but they somehow always found a way to create something better than I had ever dreamt of. And I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Website: www.PatrickMcDermott.com
Patrick is a photojournalist with a passion for capturing photographs that convey the world of sports through its subtle beauty. His custom website design allows his work to take center stage. And with our companion WordPress blog offering the look and feel of his site translates across to his blog. His life’s goal to to be as creative as possible. We think he is well on his way!

Photography is my passion and my work. As a professional photographer, one of my goals is sharing my love of images. Getting my images in front of as many eyes as possible, in the clearest, most dramatic way, is truly what it’s all about. Certainly, having a vast portfolio of quality images is key, but displaying them to clients in a bold way is extremely important. It was easy to add custom finishes to my site which really made it my own. Great imagery deserves a great place to be seen and my liveBooks website is that great place.
Since I’m busy shooting, working with clients and building my client list, I needed something that allows me to focus on my photography. If you consider yourself a professional, then liveBooks should be your business partner.
Website: www.seancollinsphotography.com
Sean Collins is just scratching the surface of photography at 25 years young. He aims to pave the way for the future not just preserve the past. His clients include Nike, Converse and Cole Haan.

I decided to make the switch to liveBooks nearly two years ago for two reasons. First, I noticed most of the professional photographers I admire (and who are successful) have a liveBooks website. The second reason was SEO. liveBooks puts a lot of effort into giving you the tools necessary to keep your site highly ranked in search engine query results. Knowing that liveBooks has my back allows me the freedom to do what I do best: be a photographer.

I recently re-vamped the face and content of my website to showcase my more recent work and I couldn’t be happier with the results. liveBooks’ customer service is second to none and the process of switching to a brand spanking new Scaler site was seamless. The interface is incredibly easy to work with and the editSuite makes the site a dream to update. I cannot wait to migrate my blog over to liveBooks as well!

Website: www.dinaavila.com

Dina focuses her work on editorial and commercial food and food culture photography including restaurants, portraits and architecture. Her style is simple yet refined. She finds the inherent beauty of her subject best revealed with natural light and you’ll often find her in pursuit of the perfect sliver of light with her camera and tripod in hand.

Her fetish for old, tarnished silverware and unfinished, antique wood lends a rustic and warm touch to her food work. When Dina is not working she is working on a personal project or on her culinary blog, Leek Soup, where she cooks, styles, photographs and writes.

To me it is SO important to not only showcase beautiful work but for your work to live in a space that is carefully curated… one that expresses your style. After having many failed and frustrating experiences with web designers I was beginning to think I would never find what I was looking for. Then one day I saw Ross Whitaker’s website and immediately called him. He told me, “Annie, look NO FUTHER…call liveBooks today!” The rest is history.

I have happily been working with liveBooks for the past four years. This is my second website with liveBooks and I recommend them to EVERYONE. Their design process is seamless and organized which makes you feel sane! Their designers are clear, concise, talented, and deliver the most beautiful design elements. My sites have been endlessly complimented and I always tell people, look no further… liveBooks is what you’ve been looking for!

Website: www.annievphoto.com
Annie is inspired by interiors, architecture, textiles, light, patterns and colors. She loves incorporating these elements into every shoot and brings out natural moments by connecting with subjects and putting them at ease. We love how her custom designed interactive homepage immediately gives the viewer a compelling visual representation of what she photographs.

A professional, sleek, user-friendly site design is very important to me because I want to represent myself well to anyone who visits, whether that’s a photo editor, a client, or someone who loves dramatic skies as much as I do. 
Storm chasing has exploded in popularity over the past decade, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the many talented chasers and photographers.  A strong web site is essential, so I set out to build a site that, much like a well-composed photograph, draws the viewer’s eye to my work.
liveBooks’ website templates have the perfect combination of look, feel, and ease of use.  Building the site was simple and maintaining it is easy. Once the content was ready to go I uploaded it to my site and went live in just a few days.
Website: www.cmredwine.com
Cameron Redwine is a freelance photographer and storm chaser who specializes in severe weather photography. He has a background in photojournalism and digital motion media. Cameron began chasing storms in 1997 at the age of 16, and has chased them every year since.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, our clients love two things: simplicity and eye candy. liveBooks provides us with an invaluable tool to showcase our work in a simple, dynamic platform. And when it comes to managing our online presence, it absolutely couldn’t be easier.
Website: www.garrettnudd.com

I’ve been told for several years that I needed to put a website together for my images. Before signing up with liveBooks I did a lot of research. Their website designs are very clean, simple and showcase the work prominently. In almost every case, that meant full screen scaling. I was surprised to find out that most portfolio sites, even those used by well known professional photographers, do not offer this as a feature. After narrowing down my favorites to just a few that offered full screen scaling, and a full bleed image area – liveBooks was clearly the winner.

Prior to committing, I called liveBooks with a few questions. I spent almost an hour on the phone with Patrick, one of the customer support representatives. It’s funny, most of us (including myself) don’t really take customer service into consideration until after a purchase. Comments and feedback are usually left for negative experiences. But Patrick and the rest of the support team have been overwhelmingly helpful, going above and beyond anything I expected. They spent additional time with me reviewing websites, discussing options and and offering suggestions. And not just on website design but on marketing as a whole. In addition, the changes I made were updated almost immediately. I’ve never experienced a team so eager to help. When we were done, they even invited me over to their office in California!

liveBooks and their support team allowed me to take my idea of what a portfolio site should be and turned it into a reality. Almost instantly. liveBooks is clearly the best solution out there. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!

Website: www.cliffordpickett.com
Clifford Pickett specializes in editorial photography and photojournalism. His work tells many stories. We found the images he took during Hurricane Sandy to be particularly moving.

My liveBooks website is plug and play. It is super easy to modify and make changes to my site whenever I want no matter where I am in the world. I love that so many clients from all over the world have been able to find me.
Website: www.thesultanofspin.com
Carlos is a talented photographer and spends the majority of his time traveling to remote, beautiful, locations to surf and capture images. He has been on the road for a few years in places like Indonesia, Central America, South America, and India. He has spent some time in The Himalayas photographing, exploring, and studying with Buddhist monks. He was born in raised in Guatemala, one of the most crime-riddled places in the Americas, and to make it even more dangerous, he has blonde hair that makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

Carlos went school to become an architect and had a great job waiting for him when he graduated college. It was his dream job with the only sustainable architecture firm in the region. They offered him a partnership opportunity. According to Carlos, upon graduating from college, “a mind flip drove him to look for the truth of happiness and the truth of himself.” Instead of “sitting, working, and waiting for life to finish,” he gave up everything, sold all his material possessions, put the cash in his pocket, and boarded a plane and took off for destnations unknown to “target harmony, happiness, and truth.”