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As a director and photographer, I needed a website that could host both video and print. liveBooks was the obvious choice. I’m constantly generating new work and it is important that I be able to manage my own content from wherever I am in the world. I also appreciate that liveBooks is constantly developing, upgrading and adapting new technologies to their website templates. And liveBooks is extremely user friendly. It allows me to keep my websites looking fresh and up to date. I especially love the new Scaler sites. In my business, so much of the bidding process happens digitally, so it’s important to have a strong website that is easy to navigate and makes a statement about my particular sensibilities.

I recently completed a multimedia public art project for the City of Culver City in which I had created a series of photographic diptychs and directed a film called “The Secret Life of Swimmers.” When I was asked by the City to create a dedicated website that could function as an online virtual gallery for the work, I went straight to liveBooks.

If you can think of it, they can implement it. I’ve been extremely happy with liveBooks.

Website: www.judystarkman.com
At a young age Judy learned that having a camera in your hand afforded many opportunities for exploration (or blackmail, depending on how you look at it). But more importantly, cameras were far more interesting than traditional girl toys, and gave her a chance to explore unusual places. She went on to study journalism and sociology in San Francisco after which she moved to London to work as a journalist. It was her directorial debut for a four part documentary series landed her in Hollywood. She has since made many documentaries and stunning imagery. A notable project called “The Secret Life of Swimmers” has taken on a life of its own. This site is full of wonderful stories. Make sure you take a look!

What’s not to love about liveBooks? I chose liveBooks because, uploading and managing content is as easy as it gets. Before that, I had a pretty ordinary static site that was a nightmare to keep up to date, taking hours of my precious time to just upload a couple of images. Now new work can be uploaded and tagged within minutes using the well designed, easy to use editSuite. Adding SEO keywords is simple, intuitive and crucial to help search engines find your site. And now with the recent introduction of Scaler, which allows for bigger images that scale to fit the viewer’s monitor, my work has much more impact and is displayed on the web in the best possible way.

Being a designer as well as a photographer, customising and branding my site to ensure consistency with my company identity is essential. The liveBooks support team made implementing my company logo and colour palette effortless.

I’ve been using liveBooks for less than 2 years and in that time my business has increased three-fold! I can’t see myself moving to another website company any time soon.

Website: www.pushfotografik.com
PUSH Fotografik is a Belfast based creative photography and design studio set up by Michael Walsh, co-founder and Managing Director of award winning design and advertising studio, Manilla Guerilla. Michael left Manilla Guerilla in August 2009 to follow his love of photography and also retains a number of design clients.

liveBooks is valuable to me because I can very easily manage all my content. As an artist being able to keep my work current without having to be, or need a developer is important. I wanted a custom designed website that is elegant and simple so as not to compete with my work. After working with liveBooks’ design team I think I’ve achieved that goal. It is a great value for the money.
Website: www.elizabethperrin.com
Elizabeth Perrin is a Fashion and Portraiture Photographer focused on Editorial and Commercial work. Born in New Orleans to a family of artists, filmmakers, and photographers, she has been involved in numerous aspects of the photography and film worlds for years. Cinema has greatly influenced her work. Elizabeth’s photographs are not just about visual composition or academia, she wants to send out a visual poem, an emotional shot-in-the-arm. She thinks about and references other media when preparing for a shoot. You’ll get a sense of her finely honed artistic sensibility when viewing her still and motion work.

Being young in the photography industry isn’t easy. So, having a professional web presence is key. liveBooks offers professional websites that not only showcase your images beautifully, but increase website views and business. Now I am not just saying this because I can, I know from experience. After switching to liveBooks from my previous site, I noticed an increase in website traffic in a matter of hours!

If you think you can sign up for a free site to display your images on think again. Viewers will look at your site, and even before it is finished loading, they will leave because it looks cheap. Now that doesn’t mean your images are bad. They could be amazing, but they are just not presented well. liveBooks’ websites are based on presenting your images in the best way possible. Their sites will help you grow as a photographer and build your business… seriously!

Website: www.jarrydross.com
Jarryd Ross sees perfect picture opportunities everywhere he goes. His mind thinks photography and without it he’d go insane… well more insane than he already is! You’ll enjoy learning more about Jarryd from looking at his work and reading his bio. His bio is creative and fun. Take a look…

Three years ago I decided that as a young photographer, having a professional looking site was vital to my future success in this industry. Especially if I wanted to be taken seriously and to stand out from the crowd. After a week of browsing the photographers who inspire me most, it was no question that liveBooks had exactly what I needed for my website. The clean and simple layout was exactly what I was looking for and it fit my high school senior budget well. The add-ons were extremely simple to have done. The customer service turn around time was extremely quick. Within no time I had the exact site I needed to show my portfolio.

Over time, my portfolio and shooting abilities grew. As well as my business and career. Shooting documentary, portrait, sport and advertising, on top of personal work, my site showcased a large range of what I had shot. Pretty soon my portfolio site was too content heavy, making it somewhat intimidating or confusing to my potential portrait clients. I wanted them to have a simple experience on my site while not having to go through multiple sets of images that were not relevant to their interests, just to find my portrait work.

With that in mind I decided it was time to create a second liveBooks site for just my portrait work. The new site was designed just for my portrait clients and contains nothing but different samples of my portrait work. Having a site dedicated just for portraiture, gave me a large amount of options I hadn’t had with the single website. It gave me the opportunity to show a lot more of my portrait work and categorize it into simple genres. While the included video page allows me to share behind the scenes videos to show my clients why my shoots are all about. This in return, made it easier for my new clients to see my portrait work as well as creates a more fun and informative interaction. It also freed up my old site to contain just my portfolio of my strongest work, without mixing my portrait business into things. Having a second site dedicated to just my portrait business has made been beneficial from the first day it went live and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

At the age of 19 (20 in a week!) having a professional site has been vital to my success. I am happy that liveBooks has been there for me. I would strongly suggest liveBooks to any and all young photographers, aspiring photographers or professional photographers alike who want to have the best website on the net to display their work.

Website: www.jimmyhickey.net
Jimmy Hickey is a young, award-winning photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. His large body of work has been published and admired across the globe. It’s pretty neat. Jimmy is one of the youngest working photographers in this professional field. To view both of Jimmy’s sites click here.

I see my website as a sign along the Information Superhighway (to coin a worn-out cliché). It’s a very important marketing tool. I use my site as a place to showcase my vision. A liveBooks website is like a custom-made glove. It fits perfectly. It’s easy to operate and easy for clients to navigate — yet it has loads of bells and whistles that have never let me down.
Several years ago a friend talked me into buying a cheap website template so I could build my own Flash website. What a mistake. I found myself buying books on how to fully upload and operate my site. I was staying up all night wrestling with an unseen foe. It took several weeks to have an Internet presence. And things went downhill from there.
I had a meeting with a group of Art Directors at a magazine in Phoenix. I showed the ADs some prints then directed everyone to my website. As they clicked, multiple blank windows would uncontrollably pop up — with no way of stopping them. What an embarrassment. Who knows how many thousands of dollars I lost because I took a cheap shortcut. They were polite as they showed me the door.
Less than twenty four hours later, I had a liveBooks website.
What I like about liveBooks is that it’s fully customizable and it can be updated in a matter of minutes. In the beginning I worked with a liveBooks designer to create a beautiful presence. A few years later, with the help of another designer, I was able to easily update the look and feel of my business.
My site works behind the scenes for me, as well. Search Engine Optimization is an issue with Flash Websites. That isn’t the case with liveBooks. Their sites use both Flash and HTML. And because of an image’s metadata, it’s also fully searchable and trackable with Google Analytics. Clients can download pdfs that are easily emailed and I can create private galleries for them (type the word “wet” and login!).
It’s important to invest in your photography. It’s your business. Competition is fierce. Why put your best work on a free blog? I’ve found that shortcuts are rarely shortcuts to success, often they are quick roads to disaster.
In short, liveBooks offers an easy-to use, professional website that communicates that I am serious about my photography. Clients see me as credible — which allows me to keep doing what I do – which is taking pictures.
Website: www.tonyblei.com
Arizona based Tony Blei shoots people. But really, what Tony does is humanize. He creates a connection between the viewer and the subject. With grace, compassion, honesty and a heaping pile of good humor, Tony creates images for his clients that go further that expected to connect more profoundly with the viewers. With Tony, Creativity Happens. Daily.

I have been using liveBooks since the early days of the company. I feel as though I have grown up with liveBooks and watched them become one of the industry standards in websites. For me, ease of use is far and away the most compelling aspect of their products. liveBooks continues to simplify and streamline the process of providing information to their customers for fail safe operation. If I am not able to locate the information I need, the customer support team has been very timely responding to my questions and implementing any site changes I have wanted to make along the way.
Even though my site still retains the early look of liveBooks, the images load and display within a very clean and simple interface. I feel clients want to get straight to the work without any fuss up front. Uploading images on the backside within the editSuite is a breeze… drag and drop simple!
Website: www.michaelbrianphoto.com
Whether it be a major ad campaign or a simple portrait, the sole purpose behind Michael Brian’s dog imagery is to raise the global consciousness to the magical gifts they provide for us. He captures the spirit of of dogs and people beautifully.

I have been in business for 25 years and can honestly say that having a website is a must in the world as we know it today. A website is an introduction to you and your work. It is important to have the right colors, feel and emotion to captivate your viewer. I am an artist. I have a specific way I want my site to look. With my vision and liveBooks’ design knowledge, we put our heads together and made it happen.
The ability to integrate other services into my website makes my business work much more efficiently. When a client fills out my contact page shootQ starts working for me. I’ll have all my questions answered before talking to my prospective client. My website makes my life and my clients life easier.
I have been with liveBooks for 10 years and I have had a few site changes. Each time the process has been professional. I get a return phone call promptly and answers to my questions in a reasonable time. As a professional Photographer our business is personable. I like that liveBooks gets to know their clients on a first name bases, you are not known as a number. We are all going to fast in this world and it is nice to actually know who has been that helpful voice on the other end of the phone. My long standing relationship with liveBooks is proof that they are a valuable business partner.
liveBooks has been a brand name in the photography industry for many years… and they have always been ahead of the curve, helping to make our businesses grow with all that they offer. I am so grateful I found liveBooks 10 years ago. I have never looked further!
Website: www.bfisherphoto.com
Barrie Fisher has been a top professional in her field for over 20 years. She has photographed over 1300 weddings worldwide and worked with many magazines and organizations throughout her career. Barrie currently lives in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Website: www.fleetingmomentsstudio.com

Having a custom website was important to me because it allowed me to develop a strong brand identity through the use of logotype and subtle design cues. My previous site was a mess, and changing images and portfolios was very difficult for me to achieve with out help from a programmer.
The implementation of my liveBooks site has helped me create a professional presence online as well as giving me the tools to edit and change my site with ease and efficiency. The end result is that I have increased traffic and have added new clients since my site went live.
Website: www.benjiwagner.com