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Editorial Photographer

I’ve been told for several years that I needed to put a website together for my images. Before signing up with liveBooks I did a lot of research. Their website designs are very clean, simple and showcase the work prominently. In almost every case, that meant full screen scaling. I was surprised to find out that most portfolio sites, even those used by well known professional photographers, do not offer this as a feature. After narrowing down my favorites to just a few that offered full screen scaling, and a full bleed image area – liveBooks was clearly the winner.

Prior to committing, I called liveBooks with a few questions. I spent almost an hour on the phone with Patrick, one of the customer support representatives. It’s funny, most of us (including myself) don’t really take customer service into consideration until after a purchase. Comments and feedback are usually left for negative experiences. But Patrick and the rest of the support team have been overwhelmingly helpful, going above and beyond anything I expected. They spent additional time with me reviewing websites, discussing options and and offering suggestions. And not just on website design but on marketing as a whole. In addition, the changes I made were updated almost immediately. I’ve never experienced a team so eager to help. When we were done, they even invited me over to their office in California!

liveBooks and their support team allowed me to take my idea of what a portfolio site should be and turned it into a reality. Almost instantly. liveBooks is clearly the best solution out there. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner!

Website: www.cliffordpickett.com
Clifford Pickett specializes in editorial photography and photojournalism. His work tells many stories. We found the images he took during Hurricane Sandy to be particularly moving.

September 19th, 2012

Bruce Farnsworth: Editorial Photographer

Posted by liveBooks

For me, the custom Scaler site is a magical experience. It engages viewers and delivers features tailored to the needs of a working photographer. I have the confidence of knowing that my work is accessible on any device, from iPhones to massive LCDs. It’s great to go large. One editor confessed that she found herself so attracted to the detail in the Scaler images that she reached out to ‘touch the animals’.
Website: www.brucefarnsworth.com
Blue Earth Project: www.rainforeststories.org
Bruce Farnsworth is an editorial photographer focusing on place-based understandings of wilderness and sustainability initiatives in critical tropical rainforest reserves. Profound intercultural experiences and degrees in zoology, education and art influence his intimate and richly textured images. Bruce’s work showcases the raw beauty of rainforest environments and raises attention to the importance of rainforest preservation. Bruce’s clients include National Geographic, Smithsonian, Nature Conservancy, CondeNast and Discovery magazines as well as Fodor’s Travel Guides, Harcourt Brace and Taylor & Francis publishers, among others. Bruce is currently soliciting project partners and sponsors for his documentary project with the Blue Earth Alliance, entitled “Amazon Headwaters: Locals Working Toward the Global”. The Blue Earth provides fiscal sponsorship, facilitating tax-deductible donations as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

I chose a liveBooks Scaler website for the big images, ease of use and the integration with Vimeo. I also knew I could start with a predesigned website template and then customize it to make it my own. There are SO many decisions to be made concerning a website that it can become overwhelming to the point of not beginning at all. So to start with a well designed site that has had a lot of thought put into it and having the ability to personalize it to my taste and needs, made liveBooks an obvious choice for me.

The first response I get from people looking at the site is “love the big images”. Personally I love the intuitive navigation. It is important that you do not have to search around the perimeter of the page to figure out how to navigate the site. I specifically chose a template that had the navigation roughly where I wanted it – on the right side and at the bottom – and then made minor adjustments to make the site my own.

I love the collaboration with Vimeo. Being able to connect to a proven host where I already know the workflow has made integrating video into my site SO easy. And the viewer experience is awesome.

I try to be present in all of the obvious places and portals that art buyers will be looking. All of those places just redirect to my liveBooks website as it has a strong impact. It is important for buyers to instantly know what I do – and they can tell the moment they visit my site. My liveBooks website has made it easy for me to have a successful online presence that allows me to focus on creating new work.

Website: www.martinsundberg.com
Martin Sundberg is a photographer, director and DP based in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in making photographs and films of people living an active life, pursuing their passions, by land and by sea. His work has been recognized for capturing the intimate emotions and intensity of the experiences he shoots. His clients include a broad range of commercial and editorial clients spanning industries such as health and wellness, sport and travel. Martin’s site is a great example of how you can customize any of our predesigned website templates.

With each passing year I realize more and more that a portfolio is a living breathing thing. It changes it grows, it’s constantly evolving, and someone has gotta feed it.

liveBooks provides a content management system that is easy to use, super intuitive, and fast. It was my very first site, and while my style, content and logos have changed, the site has grown with me. Having a website that is always showing my latest work is important for the obvious reason that people tend to see my website before they agree to see me. But what I think is important is that the site draws them in, makes them want to see the next image. If your website doesn’t change, people stop looking, they know exactly what’s behind door number two. So keeping the site current with my newest work is really important, and liveBooks makes it easy.

I also think it is very important to have an about page that describes who you are. I decided I would write mine honestly, photography is a personal thing, I wanted to let people know who I am, and what to expect. People prefer paying people they like, and if you can make someone like you by reading your about page, your as good as paid.

Website: www.brandonrossen.com
Did you know that a 10 gallon hat barely hold 10 pints? Or that almonds are a member of the peach family? These are some of the wonderful gems you will discover on Brandon’s extra info page. Not only do we love his work but we also think his about page is well written and fun. I don’t know about you, but after looking at his work and reading his profile we’d hire him!

Obviously, in our industry, a striking and well thought out website is paramount. I was initially drawn to liveBooks because of the customizable template idea. I wanted a site that was uniquely mine, but needed some parameters and didn’t want to have to think about coding, etc. My primary concerns were ease of use, elegant design, and uniqueness. I worked with my own designer to come up with the overall look and the liveBooks team took it from there to make it real. It was an easy and smooth process.

I recently upgraded to the Scaler version to get bigger images for those with larger monitors. Yet, those on laptops can still view a well proportioned site without scrolling. Some modifications to my original design were required, and the liveBooks team offered up plenty of options for me to choose from. Looks great, eh?

Website: www.charlesharris.com
Charles Harris is an advertising and editorial photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Graphics, Print, Photo District News, and many others. When you arrive at his site you’ll be greeted by a vibrant animated splash intro. His client list is quite impressive and can be seen on his liveBooks website.

Once I decided to try out a template site, I did a lot of ground work to find a solution that would best suit my needs. After a lot of research, I found that liveBooks struck the perfect balance between functionality, design options and value. But what really sold me was the Scaler feature. I’m loving everything about my website and getting great feedback from clients!

Website: www.holstphotographic.com
Peter Holst focuses on shooting people and environmental portraits, as well a conceptual work, for advertising and editorial clients. We like his style!

liveBooks offers a great way to get up and running quickly. The Scaler sites are great for the impact, and there are many well designed templates to choose from. The back end is made easy for the photographer, just upload and place images into your portfolio and it is instantly live.

I have a fine art website and a commercial website with liveBooks. This allows each of my two very different styles of photography to have a unique design. The sites are linked to each other as well. Your website is often the first impression for an art director and says so much about you as a photographer. Therefore it is important to choose your website wisely.

Website: www.cutting.com
Ann Elliott Cutting’s versatility spans subjects from science and organic images to children, sports and lifestyle. She uses many digital techniques ranging from digital imaging, large format and motion to plastic toy diana cameras. We love that no matter which type of her work you are viewing you can tell it is hers. Ann is a great example of why producing a variety of work lends itself to having more than one website. In addition to her commercial site referenced above be sure and visit her fine art and ceramics sites.

As a director and photographer, I needed a website that could host both video and print. liveBooks was the obvious choice. I’m constantly generating new work and it is important that I be able to manage my own content from wherever I am in the world. I also appreciate that liveBooks is constantly developing, upgrading and adapting new technologies to their website templates. And liveBooks is extremely user friendly. It allows me to keep my websites looking fresh and up to date. I especially love the new Scaler sites. In my business, so much of the bidding process happens digitally, so it’s important to have a strong website that is easy to navigate and makes a statement about my particular sensibilities.

I recently completed a multimedia public art project for the City of Culver City in which I had created a series of photographic diptychs and directed a film called “The Secret Life of Swimmers.” When I was asked by the City to create a dedicated website that could function as an online virtual gallery for the work, I went straight to liveBooks.

If you can think of it, they can implement it. I’ve been extremely happy with liveBooks.

Website: www.judystarkman.com
At a young age Judy learned that having a camera in your hand afforded many opportunities for exploration (or blackmail, depending on how you look at it). But more importantly, cameras were far more interesting than traditional girl toys, and gave her a chance to explore unusual places. She went on to study journalism and sociology in San Francisco after which she moved to London to work as a journalist. It was her directorial debut for a four part documentary series landed her in Hollywood. She has since made many documentaries and stunning imagery. A notable project called “The Secret Life of Swimmers” has taken on a life of its own. This site is full of wonderful stories. Make sure you take a look!

What’s not to love about liveBooks? I chose liveBooks because, uploading and managing content is as easy as it gets. Before that, I had a pretty ordinary static site that was a nightmare to keep up to date, taking hours of my precious time to just upload a couple of images. Now new work can be uploaded and tagged within minutes using the well designed, easy to use editSuite. Adding SEO keywords is simple, intuitive and crucial to help search engines find your site. And now with the recent introduction of Scaler, which allows for bigger images that scale to fit the viewer’s monitor, my work has much more impact and is displayed on the web in the best possible way.

Being a designer as well as a photographer, customising and branding my site to ensure consistency with my company identity is essential. The liveBooks support team made implementing my company logo and colour palette effortless.

I’ve been using liveBooks for less than 2 years and in that time my business has increased three-fold! I can’t see myself moving to another website company any time soon.

Website: www.pushfotografik.com
PUSH Fotografik is a Belfast based creative photography and design studio set up by Michael Walsh, co-founder and Managing Director of award winning design and advertising studio, Manilla Guerilla. Michael left Manilla Guerilla in August 2009 to follow his love of photography and also retains a number of design clients.

I’ve been using liveBooks for over 7 years now to showcase my editorial and commercial work. I recently expanded my work to include backstage images. Since I am involved with so many designers and shows, I wanted to launch a second site to display this work. I knew I needed something compatible with how I currently represent myself. At first I considered a blog, but having had so much control over the design and content of my liveBooks site  I wondered if I could take the design of my existing website and modify it to accommodate this new venture.

This seemed like a good idea, but the timing was tight. I was only a week and a half from shooting my first show in NY for fashion week when I contacted liveBooks. After 2 emails, I was already in my editSuite naming portfolios and loading imagery. The integrated design process and exemplary customer service at liveBooks made the launch of my new site (www.schmidt-show.com) seamless.

liveBooks has been so integral to the development of my career and I can’t say enough great things about them!

Website: www.elischmidt.com
Eli Schmidt has consistently approached his career from a strong background in still life, fashion, and fine art photography. After earning his BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Eli moved to New York and worked on still life and fashion sets. Maintaining a balance between these two often separate worlds, Eli developed a style that combines his instinctual eye for fashion and sophisticated sense of lighting. His clients are a list of who’s who in the fashion world.