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What’s not to love about liveBooks? I chose liveBooks because, uploading and managing content is as easy as it gets. Before that, I had a pretty ordinary static site that was a nightmare to keep up to date, taking hours of my precious time to just upload a couple of images. Now new work can be uploaded and tagged within minutes using the well designed, easy to use editSuite. Adding SEO keywords is simple, intuitive and crucial to help search engines find your site. And now with the recent introduction of Scaler, which allows for bigger images that scale to fit the viewer’s monitor, my work has much more impact and is displayed on the web in the best possible way.

Being a designer as well as a photographer, customising and branding my site to ensure consistency with my company identity is essential. The liveBooks support team made implementing my company logo and colour palette effortless.

I’ve been using liveBooks for less than 2 years and in that time my business has increased three-fold! I can’t see myself moving to another website company any time soon.

Website: www.pushfotografik.com
PUSH Fotografik is a Belfast based creative photography and design studio set up by Michael Walsh, co-founder and Managing Director of award winning design and advertising studio, Manilla Guerilla. Michael left Manilla Guerilla in August 2009 to follow his love of photography and also retains a number of design clients.

I’ve been using liveBooks for over 7 years now to showcase my editorial and commercial work. I recently expanded my work to include backstage images. Since I am involved with so many designers and shows, I wanted to launch a second site to display this work. I knew I needed something compatible with how I currently represent myself. At first I considered a blog, but having had so much control over the design and content of my liveBooks site  I wondered if I could take the design of my existing website and modify it to accommodate this new venture.

This seemed like a good idea, but the timing was tight. I was only a week and a half from shooting my first show in NY for fashion week when I contacted liveBooks. After 2 emails, I was already in my editSuite naming portfolios and loading imagery. The integrated design process and exemplary customer service at liveBooks made the launch of my new site (www.schmidt-show.com) seamless.

liveBooks has been so integral to the development of my career and I can’t say enough great things about them!

Website: www.elischmidt.com
Eli Schmidt has consistently approached his career from a strong background in still life, fashion, and fine art photography. After earning his BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Eli moved to New York and worked on still life and fashion sets. Maintaining a balance between these two often separate worlds, Eli developed a style that combines his instinctual eye for fashion and sophisticated sense of lighting. His clients are a list of who’s who in the fashion world.

September 27th, 2011

Eli Schmidt: Behind the scenes of fashion

Posted by liveBooks

Website: www.schmidt-show.com
Eli Schmidt is an editorial and commercial photographer. Shooting backstage has become a natural extension of the work Eli has been creating over the past 10 years in New York. This is Eli’s second livebooks website. It is dedicated to his work backstage at the world’s top fashion shows. To learn more about Eli’s work and why he decided to launch a second website click here.

Your website is the first opportunity that most people will have to view your work. It is all about people seeing our images as big as possible at the highest quality possible. liveBooks’ Scaler does this better than anything on the market, and does it with ease. I don’t have to compromise anything. My website is crucial, not only for getting clients, but also for producing photo shots. liveBooks really understands what photographers need to be successful.
Website: www.clairerosenphoto.com
Claire Rosen is a fine art and commercial photographer, video artist and educator. She loves big dresses, vintage taxidermy and adventures. Much of her inspiration comes from fairy tales, fables and other children’s stories. She is drawn to both beauty and darkness as it exists in life, and her images explore this duality.

Having a custom website was important to me because it allowed me to develop a strong brand identity through the use of logotype and subtle design cues. My previous site was a mess, and changing images and portfolios was very difficult for me to achieve with out help from a programmer.
The implementation of my liveBooks site has helped me create a professional presence online as well as giving me the tools to edit and change my site with ease and efficiency. The end result is that I have increased traffic and have added new clients since my site went live.
Website: www.benjiwagner.com

As our work progressed so did our style, technology and need for personal control of our website. When we needed to make updates to our previous site we had to depend on a designer and a developer. This became inefficient and costly. I decided to switch to liveBooks so we could easily manage our content, provide our clients with personalized access, and the ability for others to view the site on the iPhone and iPad.
Getting our website up and running was easy. I was able to find answers to all my questions in liveBooks’ video tutorials. My time is no longer spent updating my website. It is spent creating new images and running my business. liveBooks keeps us up on the latest technology and features so we do not have too. As a photographer and a small business this is really important. They are a great business partner!
Website: www.dyadphotography.com
Dyad Photography shoots commercially as well as creating conceptual series. Colleen and Justin Picciotti work together on creative images for the past 9 years. Dyad Photography was named one of PDN’s 30 of 2011.

We needed a website that would not distract us from what we love to do: creating stories. liveBooks is perfect for us. It quickly and effectively highlights our work, allows us to maintain our branding and personality, and helps us showcase both moving and still content. liveBooks’ integration with Vimeo, and its ingenious personalization options, make it a perfect fit for our business. More importantly it gives us more time to focus on producing interesting projects, both in the moving and still worlds.
Website: www.bigironproductions.com
Based in New York City, Big Iron Productions is the mind-child of Hadleigh Arnst and Stephen Frandsen. They are directors, producers, and writers, with backgrounds not only in film and photography, but also philosophy, anthropology, PR, music, teaching, and TV Advertising. This eclectic mix gives them a unique perspective on storytelling. Armed to the teeth for the new media landscape, they produce anything that tells a story: from a single photo to feature length narratives and documentaries. They are available to create original content, or to work closely with photographers and directors to produce high-quality, luxurious shoots.

I could not be happier with my decision to go with liveBooks. My website is beautifully designed inside and out. I am venturing into commercial video so it is nice to know that I have the capability to seamlessly integrate video into my site. I am excited about being partnered with liveBooks because of their tireless effort to make the best products, thereby making all of us out here look good!
Website: www.jimwilsonphotography.com
Jim Wilson has been immersed in the field of commercial photography for close to three decades. His diverse target markets include aviation, commercial and residential architecture, aerial and corporate assignments. It must be fun to shoot from 8,000 feet!

A significant advantage of my liveBooks website is that it works 24/7, regardless of what time zone I am in. This is especially important to me because I often shoot in remote locations without reliable internet or cellular access, thus my body of work is available even when I am not. I’ve had several compliments about the elegance of the navigation on my site. It loads quickly and provides a high resolution view of all my photographs all of which is important to my clients… and to me.
Website: www.stephenfrinkphoto.com
Stephen Frink is among the world’s most frequently published underwater photographers. He is also a Canon Explorer of Light and the only marine imaging specialist within this very elite group of photographers.

The entire liveBooks process is so streamlined that I’d already had it done before I had to think about how it had to be done. From the moment I started adding content to my site I was impressed with the intuitive design and ease of use that the sites provide. Their designs are clean and easy to navigate, and the iPhone/iPad compatibility of the site is a necessity these days. It’s refreshing to not have to spend so much time with the technical details of doing updates to my site; I can spend it shooting, which is where I need to be. For me, liveBooks has it all covered!
Website: www.michaelkirchoff.com
Michael is a commercial and fine art photographer. He travels the world to make unique and compelling images whenever possible. Michael uses all types of cameras in his work, though most often older film cameras and Polaroid materials, which can give surprising results at times. That is evident in the beautiful black and white images on his liveBooks website.