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Architectural Photographer

December 18th, 2012

Paul Turang: Architectural Photographer

Posted by liveBooks

I chose liveBooks because of their great platform and easy-to-use interface. With the combined help of the talented liveBooks designer Ryan Mahar and the photo editing/web content help provided by my photography marketing consultant Carolyn Potts, I now have a great new website. The response from my clients has been very positive, so much so that my new site just won the “Peoples Choice Award” for web design at a local architecture group’s annual awards event.
Website: www.paulturang.com
Los Angeles based photographer Paul Turang specializes in photography of the built environment. Turang has photographed projects throughout the nation and his clientele includes award-winning architects, designers, construction companies and developers.

In December 2008, my website was in need of a serious makeover. After extensive research I decided to invest in a liveBooks website. The customer support was excellent throughout the entire set-up process and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the liveBooks editSuite made uploading my portfolio a breeze.

After only a few short weeks of going live my new liveBooks website elevated me into a new market. With a new client base being established, my projects were increasing in complexity and budget. My workload was evolving from small partial day shoots to large multiple day assignments for prominent companies. The new attention that my business was receiving was due to two major factors: powerful search engine optimization tools and the overall aesthetic of my site. My liveBooks site not only looks great and functions beautifully, it also ensures that my site is searchable without having to pay others for search results.

With customer support quick to resolve issues, the best SEO in the industry and features that work hard so that you can spend more time shooting, I will continue to recommend liveBooks to creative professionals looking to take their business to the next level.

Website: www.fladzinski.com
Blog: blog.fladzinski.com
Lucas Fladzinski is a professional photographer specializing in architectural and advertising assignments. In 2004, Lucas received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Davis and in 2001 he earned a BFA degree from Western Michigan University. His diverse portfolio has been featured in several books and numerous blogs and magazines. Lucas is also a fine art photographer with an active exhibition record throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Do I love liveBooks? Let me count the ways! I am delighted with everything about liveBooks. The beauty of the design, the ease of use, the generous and immediate assistance. Joining liveBooks was the smartest business decision I have made in a while. I strongly recommend it to everybody.

Website: www.andreabrizzi.com

Architecture and interiors photographer Andrea Brizzi is based in both Honolulu and New York. “I rarely take a picture,” he explains. “Most of the images I create are the result of multiple exposures (HDR), be it to tame a wide density range, to combine a few shots to create a panorama, or thousands of exposures to produce a time lapse sequence.”

Andrea is enthusiastic about Gigapan technology, which allows the production of highly detailed images up to 360 degrees of exteriors like sweeping cityscapes or of complex interiors.

I chose liveBooks for my website because it is all about the images, and ease of use.Clients want to see the photos, and the new Scaler sites deliver just what I was looking for. Big beautiful images that fill the screen no matter what size monitor the they are viewed on. And with the new mobile sites I can be seen on the road without any loss of quality.

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the support and design staff who helped ensure that my transition to Scaler went very smoothly. SEO is built right in, and allows me to tweak my site to ensure maximum

Website: www.gregwestphotography.com
Boston Photographer Greg West has specialized in location photography of architecture and interiors for over twenty six years. His clients include Architects, Interior Designers, building owners, general contractors, product manufacturers, and various editorial publications. In addition to the stunning photography, Greg’s site is a nice example of how you can incorporate testimonials into your site. We think that adds a little something special!

When we started looking around for a new website design/designer, one of our criteria was that we wanted to maximize the image while minimizing the clutter. Being able to take livebooks’ nuts and bolts and work with a real designer to create a custom site was just what we wanted, and we’re thrilled with the results. As is the case with most photographers, our website is the most important marketing tool we have. If we’re not happy with it, life is pretty rough. When it works, the phone rings.
Website: www.hamphoto.com
Chris loves capturing the moments between the moments. His studio is located just north of downtown Atlanta. His portraiture and architectural work have a distinct point of view. We love that he has incorporated some of his personal work into his site.

I have been working with liveBooks since 2008 and have always been very happy with not only the results of the website itself, but with the great customer service I have received. I recently upgraded to the new Scaler site, which I am very excited about. The whole process was extremely smooth. I always received quick responses to my questions and or changes that needed to be made. When it was time to go live, my site was up within an hour! The liveBooks editSuite allows me to quickly and easily update the site, or make changes to its functionality. There’s no need to call or email anyone, and of course no charges to change the content.

All photographers will appreciate the potential of the new Scaler sites. Seeing your images as large as the screen is really something special! liveBooks is not just a container for pretty pictures, there’s a lot of work going on in the background. Since switching to liveBooks my SEO is greatly improved, and they make it easy with a simple page to fill out. I’ll be enjoying my new site and whatever else liveBooks comes up with in the future!

Website: www.jeffreytotaro.com
Jeffrey Totaro has had a life long interest in design and construction. Before becoming a photographer, he worked as an architect and structural engineer for a prominent Philadelphia firm. I think you’ll agree that Jeffrey’s education and experience as an architect and an engineer make him well suited to photograph the built environment.

As commercial photographers specializing in architectural, interior, hotel, and resort photography, we are excited to have a liveBooks website.  liveBooks offers more than just an online presence, as the portfolio is clean and website design is based around the imagery.  AC Photo uses our website to engage clients, show clients work that only they can access, and sell images.  liveBooks offers us the ability to dialogue with clients at the highest professional level.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional online identity.
Website: www.a-cphotography.com
Based in San Diego, California, Michael Auda and Kate Coudayre are a husband and wife team, specializing in architecture, resort and travel photography. Their mission is to produce cutting edge photography that is successful as both a clear representation of any structure and an aesthetic masterpiece.

As a commercial photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and hospitality, I needed an online presence that was clean, professional, and elegant which would resonate with my target audience. The clients in my market expect professionalism at its highest order and liveBooks gives me a very clean professional site with minimal fuss for the user. The focus is all on the images which is what most clients are looking for. The additional ability to view my site on the iPhone and iPad is extremely important as many Creative Directors, ADs, and producers wind up viewing my site in meetings, on sets, or in places where viewing a site on a traditional laptop or desktop just isn’t possible. liveBooks has helped me by providing a first class online portfolio and allowed me to focus on creating images, not maintaining a website.
Website: www.chadjacksonphoto.com
Architectural and interior photographer Chad Jackson has lived and worked in the Kansa City area for over 18 years and is well acquainted with the unique nature of metropolitan life in the midwest. Integrity, passion and creativity is at the center of all he does.

I first read about liveBooks in a photography and design trade publication. After doing some research I chose liveBooks because it was well regarded, and provided clean design by and for professional artists. The many templates available for showcasing our portfolios of work were well organized and easily navigable. liveBooks has been an asset to our business, providing a great way for our current and future clients to work with us and see our work. Thanks to liveBooks for making it clean, creative and easy!
Website: www.blackmoredesign.com
Eric Blackmore has an extensive background in graphic design, photography and videography. He has also become a craftsman of fine woodworking and custom hardwood furniture. His website displays a sampling of his various works.

liveBooks enables me to efficiently and boldly show my work to clients in a manner that clearly demonstrates what I do, period.

Christopher Griffith: Why I love my liveBooks website
Website: www.christophergriffith.com