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I’ve been a fan of liveBooks since their inception, and recommended them to other photographers before I came on board. Within a year of being with liveBooks I’ve made over 3 times my site’s annual hosting fee in print sales alone. The SEO feature generated that print business along with a number of large budget stock sales and several assignments, including three from the New York Times.

What attracted me to liveBooks was their simple yet effective layout, large sharp images, ease of navigation and the editSuite, their easy to use content management system.

Shortly after launching my site I attended an ASMP event with Bill Cramer of Wonderful Machine. He was talking about SEO, site design, and what art directors do and don’t want to see. My site checked most of his boxes. Since then I’ve modified it to his suggestions with the help of the liveBooks team.

Today’s competition is fierce. Websites are the first impression to buyers. Back in the days of film, photographers would have to advertise in printed source books, at a cost of $5000 – $10,000. Now for a mere fraction of that my calling card is shown to the world and updatable within minutes!

Website: www.johnmaclean.com
John is a commercial and fine art photographer, splitting his time between architectural shoots and landscape photography. He also does in-house printing. His current projects include printing landscape images on canvas with his Epson 9900 for an upcoming gallery opening. He’s also preparing for an upcoming out-of-state architectural shoot taking place in two cities. John believes in letting his images speak for themselves. They certainly do – and we are hearing only wonderful things!

I have been with liveBooks for about 8 years. What first attracted me to liveBooks was how easy it was to use and the customizations that could be made to my website. And today it is still liveBooks that gives me a chance to be different from the rest of the pack. Their design, customer service, and product development teams are always willing and eager to help me succeed in a competitive industry.

First impressions are everything in this business. Having a great website is important as it allows you to showcase your work and communicate your brand to the client, art buyer, or creative director. All the top photographers in the commercial advertising world shoot great photos. It’s how you present yourself that will captivate your audience and solidify you in people’s minds.

Website: www.chrisstraley.com
Chris Straley is a commercial advertising photographer based out of San Diego, CA. He has been shooting photos for about 12 years now and what once started as a a reason to hang at the beach with his friends lead to traveling the world with top pro action sport athletes. He’s now working full time in the commercial advertising world. He considers himself lucky to be able to work on amazing campaigns with amazing clients. His work has been featured in Transworld Surf, Monster Children, Outside Magazine, and many other publications worldwide. This past January he was awarded the Hasselblad Masters Award in the Underwater category. He is currently represented by Fox Creative in LA and NYC and taking on commercial and editorial work worldwide. We are captivated by Chris’s work and think you will be to!

When it came time to design my website I wanted it to reflect my image, convey my brand and be easy to use. That’s why I chose liveBooks. Being a fashion photographer it’s really important for me to keep things current and I love how easy it is to drop in new images whenever I feel the need. The liveBooks team has always been very attentive to detail, helpful and affordable.
Website: www.myersrobertson.com
Kim Myers Robertson taught herself the basics of photography while shooting portraits of her family and friends. Later, she honed her skills studying at the Parson’s School of Design and The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Fifteen years later she shoots for some of the world’s best magazines and advertising agencies. She loves the creativity her profession affords her and often draws inspiration from her family.

I’ve been using liveBooks for many years. For me, simplicity is key. I like a simple design that is smart and easy to navigate. So do clients and visitors. My liveBooks website enables me to quickly add or change imagery with ease and review the changes instantly. liveBooks gives me a low maintenance online presence which leaves me more time to focus on my work.
Website: www.nealbrownstudio.com
Commercial and editorial photographer Neal Brown is not bound by convention. His unique style of lighting, quirky sense of humor, and strong compositional skills have brought him national recognition. Neal has earned a loyal following from many editorial and advertising clients and he has been included in various industry annuals such as Graphis, Photo District News and Communication Arts.

My new liveBooks mobile site design is fantastic! It allows my work to be presented in the best possible way on every device. Being chosen for assignments around the globe are in no small part due to my liveBooks website.

In 2013 I was up for a major international advertising campaign. The final photographer selection was being done by committee, with people around the globe using my pre-liveBooks website as a major part of their decision making. I was out of town on a project with little time to chime in or to submit support material. In the end, some of the decision makers thought I was too much of a black & white focused photographer for their all-color project. I thought, ‘I haven’t shot a roll of black & white in more than four years.’ But I realized that I also hadn’t significantly updated my website in at least that long.

Part of my philosophy is to turn a negative into a positive whenever possible. So I used this as motivation to do something that I had on my must-do list for the last couple of years – create a website with a company that had great templates that I could use without relying on a web designer to make (and charge for) updates and changes. The search led me to liveBooks. Now my website represents who I am as a photographer. Numerous assignments from Africa to the Arctic have already come in as a result.

Website: www.markedwardharris.com
Mark Edward Harris is an award-winning photographer, author and educator. He started his career doing the stills for Merv Griffin Show and various television companies. When the show ended in 1986 he set off on a four-month trek across the Pacific and throughout Southeast Asia, China and Japan. The images he created on that trip brought attention to his work and he became known as a travel and documentary photographer. He has since visited and photographed in eighty countries. His editorial work has appeared in numerous publications. His book North Korea was named the Photography Book of the Year at the 2013 International Photography Awards. He teaches travel and photography workshops at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, Samy’s Camera and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

I am my business. I’m the president, CEO and sometimes the even the intern. So when it came to putting together a website, I knew I was going to be designing it too. I wanted it to look a certain way and I knew what the intended purpose was, I just didn’t know how to actually build it.

That’s where liveBooks comes in. I looked at other industry sites that I admired and found that most of them were built by liveBooks. They have clean, modern templates that are perfect for a visual artist. It was easy to choose a template that worked for my specific needs and then their designers customized it for me.

Agencies and photographers don’t have time to look through pages and pages of portfolios. As a photo stylist I have many areas of styling that I need to convey in a short amount of time. With multiple thumbnail photos on the home pages, they can click on each specialized area of interest as needed.

Styling is more than shopping and making things look good. A lot of time is spent on photo shoots and building a great portfolio. If your website doesn’t work as hard as you do, it’s not worth having one!

Website: www.alisonhoekstra.com
Alison Hoekstra is a Minneapolis based stylist with a focus on wardrobe, home, soft good, product styling and props. She has been in the middle of a project pretty much every day of her life. Styling brings together many of the creative outlets that she loves to do and it is why she is so dedicated to every project that she is involved in. Sometimes it’s a project she’s done before, and wants to do better. Other times it’s something completely new and a little off the wall. The answer is always “yes, I think we can make that happen”. And it happens.

Your online presence is about offering an experience that connects people to what you do and inspires them to share that experience. As a creative, having a website that allows people to connect with my work without having to think about how to navigate a website is very important. It’s like having a good map that allows you to actually enjoy the environment around you. Whether it’s immediately grabbing someone’s attention when they first visit the site or holding it so they return again and again.

liveBooks made it easy for me to create a custom designed website that speaks to my specific genre of photography. It’s essential for the content to shine. I am able to organize images into stories with descriptions, offering a web experience that is at once broad and concise. My website is clean, beautiful and effective.

Website: http://www.coryrichards.com
A climber and visual storyteller, Cory Richards was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012. Cory’s camera has taken him from the controlled and complex studio to the wild and remote corners of the world, from the unclimbed peaks of Antarctica to the Himalayas of Nepal and Pakistan – all in the attempt to capture not only the soul of adventure and exploration, but also the beauty inherent on our modern society. He is currently on assignment for National Geographic documenting the complex social landscape of People and Predators.

Cory’s liveBooks website has some unique features. His home page contains a full-page image that, when clicked, plays his film “A Tribute to Discomfort” (worth watching!). His multi-level Stories section is full of amazing content. These pages each feature editable text, portfolio images and video. Be sure to poke around the rest of Cory’s site as well.

Having a superior website is extremely important to my business. I think of it as a massive billboard that everyone on the highway can see. And if it’s clean, visual and designed intelligently, people will stop to notice it, stay longer and come back.

Making sure a website is fresh, styled and updated is crucial in the photography business. For me, every assignment pushes me creatively and in many cases produces some of the most creative work I’ve done. Getting those new images on my site fast is key.

It’s important to me to change the design of my site every two years. It sends a message to clients, associates and peers that I am actively engaged in my work and constantly working on my business and my creativity. With liveBooks I can get a great custom designed website for a reasonable price with relatively fast turnaround. They make updates and redesigns very easy for me – which is why I have stayed with them since 2007.

The most important element of my online presence is authenticity. I want people to find my website and feel like they understand who I am professionally and personally. I want potential clients to get a feel for my work and be able to access every part of my brand – from social media to my blog to tumblr and Vimeo. The liveBooks team helps me do that.

Website: http://www.pennydelossantos.com
Penny is an award-winning internationally published photographer who began photographing as a way to understand her own diverse cultural background and identity. From the historical all male dining clubs of the Basque Country, to Jerusalem’s most suicide bomber besieged markets, photographing culture has been at the heart of Penny’s work. Her food photography allows her to explore and celebrate culture, history and community through the lens of food.

Penny is an amazing storyteller. In her TEDx Talk she shares what she has learned about capturing moments and explains how food connects all of us. Take a moment to review her work and you might feel differently about your next meal.

Having a great website is super important for getting new business as this is often the initial imprint of your brand that a potential client will see. The ease of use and ability to create a beautiful website was what originally attracted me to liveBooks, and it continues to keep me loyal. The customer service is great as well. There’s a lot of moving parts when you have your own business, and having a website that’s simple to use takes a lot of stress out of the equation. Being able to see my work on mobile devices is huge. Clients often tell me what a relief it is to see a straightforward website that delivers the work in a clean way.
Website: http://www.tommedvedich.com
Advertorial, editorial and portrait photographer Tom Medvedich is at the forefront of photography’s new generation. His attention to detail is reflected in his bold, graphic still life images. Shooting in street locations as well as in the studio, his portraits ride the line between raw and polished, producing imagery that creates a gripping emotional connection with the viewer. His work deconstructs the cliche of photographers having to be specialized in only one shooting category.

Earlier this year he had the pleasure of photographing Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Jimmy Iovine for the cover of XXL. This image was then licensed to Beats by Dr. Dre. He also just released another XXL cover of this years 2014 Freshman Issue. And soon we’ll be able to see his second ad shot for The Chia Co. Whether it is advertorial, editorial or portrait photography Tom has been keeping very busy. And that is what we like to hear!


As a designer today an online presence is a must. I chose liveBooks because I needed a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate and update. I have received a lot of positive feedback on my site from potential and existing clients.
Website: www.amandazorumski.com
Amanda Zorumnski Design & Decor us a full service decorating and interior design firm. Amanda believes that design can change the way people view the world and the space they live in, much like we believe your website can shape how the world sees you!

Right now she is working on multiple residential projects in Connecticut and New York. A colonial in Bronxville, an antique in Old Greenwich and another colonial in New Canaan. It has been fun for her to infuse the colonials with modern elements to make them fresh and inviting yet sophisticated for the young families living there.

As a photographer having a website with a simple layout that emphasizes my work is what helps me to attract new clients. In addition to making my big, bold images stand out my liveBooks site is really easy to use. The ability to quickly add images to my website is crucial to keeping my work fresh and relevant.
Website: www.hankdrew.com
Seattle-based photographer Hank Drew has been behind the camera for 30 years—ten of those were between the ages of 12 and 22 with his beloved Grandfather’s 35mm. He specializes in product advertisements in the fashion and beauty industry, and lifestyle shoots for local magazines. Among his retail clients are Nordstrom, REI, Starbucks, Amazon, Endless.com and Marios. Media clients include Gray magazine, Seattle Metropolitan magazine and Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom magazine.

While technology has changed since that first 35mm, Hank’s passion for finding beauty from behind the camera is still as strong as ever. Attending to every detail of the image process brings him more than just professional fulfillment—it’s the thrill of discovering that there is no subject that cannot be made attractive or engaging. This extends to his website as well. His website is beautifully designed and the interactive portfolio home page immediately engages the viewer in his work.

We built our first site with liveBooks in 2006.  3 versions later, with a full re-redesign just launched, we’re starting to receive great compliments on the site’s overall design story, clean interface and seamless user experience. Our liveBooks site does exactly what it’s supposed to do – it simply and elegantly shows off the images we capture. The liveBooks editSuite is simple to use, which makes it easy for our team to jump in and update portfolios on any current project. We can rest easy knowing we’ll always have the most up to date tools at our fingertips because liveBooks is always building better features into the site’s capabilities. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our new website and look forward to continuing our partnership with liveBooks in the years to come.
Website: www.mikeadrianweddings.com
Mike Adrian is a destination wedding photographer. Considered one of Hawaii’s top photographers he feels honored to document memories for some of the world’s most discerning clients. Mike also teaches workshops on various topics from time to time. It does not surprise us that Mike excels at what he does. He’s creative, passionate about his work and is an all around awesome person! Take a look at his work on his newly redesigned liveBooks website. We just love the Real Weddings portfolio landing page.

My website is the primary way I showcase my photography work online. It is also the portal to my press and blog. Working with liveBooks to create a custom designed site has been amazing. They consistently exceeded my expectations with solutions to the ideas I presented to them. I couldn’t be happier!
Website: www.jimmychin.com
Jimmy’s passion for travel, climbing, skiing, exploration and photography has taken him on break-through expeditions around the globe. In addition to being an award-winning National Geographic photographer, Jimmy shoots for a wide range of commercial and editorial clients. As a director and cinematographer, Jimmy has shot and directed documentaries, TV and commercial projects. Please be sure to take a look at his “Projects” section to see more of Jimmy’s work and to get an idea of the type of information it is possible to present utilizing liveBooks’ custom website design services. You can connect and follow Jimmy via his website.

Why have I been a liveBooks customer for years? I think of liveBooks as a minimalistic canvas. Their websites allow your photography to be framed in a modern aesthetic. It’s important that your presentation be creative, but also classy and concise. I am marketing to agencies, art directors, musicians, management teams, models, and other artists. They need to feel alive when they look at my work, not have to navigate tirelessly through a website.

In addition to being elegant and easy-to-use, you can add any number of great features to your website. And the best part is they are implemented in a way so as not to take away from the work presented. Now that’s genius! The staff is responsive and works diligently to make changes. And I’m free from the headaches of having to alter the design and format of my site.

I’m very happy with my website. I am actually excited when I visit it.

Website: www.jason-bassett.com
Editorial fashion photographer Jason Bassett’s love for photography began with editorials as he can be in the present and tell a story at the same time. His work is inspired by vintage, contemporary, romance and nostalgia. You can see these themes in his still and motion work. And we agree – his liveBooks website lets his work speak for itself!

As a full time professional landscape, nature and wilderness photographer I chose liveBooks to showcase my work and help me stand out from the crowd. First impressions count, and liveBooks provides me with a super slick, clean website that lets me prominently display my photography to my customers. I frequently receive emails from visitors praising my website for its clean interface and easy to navigate layout.

I am frequently traveling in the Polar regions of the world and as such my time is extremely limited when it comes to updating websites. I need to focus on my photography and don’t want to have to spend time being a website creator. liveBooks provides me with a simple easy to use back end interface that allows me to quickly get my new work online and available. It allows me to spend more time with my camera and less time in front of the computer.

My business has grown substantially in the time I have been with liveBooks and I regard them as a core component of my business and a valued partner.

Website: www.jholko.com
Joshua Holko is not only a passionate nature and wilderness photographer, he’s a teacher and an adventurer. Specializing in the Polar and sub-Polar regions of the globe, his work celebrates the extreme latitudes of the Polar environment. He runs workshops and expeditions to some of the world’s wildest and most remote regions.

He lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but his photography takes him all over the world. He has extensively traveled throughout Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, North and South America, China, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica. You can keep up with his adventures on his blog and view his beautiful images on his photography website. We love living vicariously through him!

As a photographer my fine art photography website is one of my most important marketing tools. It is how I appear to the wider world. It is important to me that the design be simple, clean, and a clear representation of my work. My liveBooks site is all of this. I’ve also enjoyed working with the liveBooks team to develop and maintain my site. Web design is not my forte and their help has been invaluable!
Website: www.eddeedaniel.com
Eddee Daniel is an artist and writer living in Wisconsin. He has taught many different disciplines of art over the years and believes that art and teaching have a lot in common: They have no impact if you’re doing them for yourself. Eddee now devotes himself to creating art. His work is inspired by many art forms and the yin of the human with the yang of nature. He is the author of two blogs which explore these ideas further: Arts Without Borders and Urban Wilderness. His work is thought provoking and inspiring. Be sure to check out his fine art photography website!

When I first contacted liveBooks with my unique idea for a photography website, it quickly became clear that we were onto something special. I gave them the graphical elements I wanted to use throughout the site and the liveBooks team went to work. The end result is an incredible website that brought all of the detail and the panoramic format of my images to life. It was truly a collaborative effort.When a guest visits my website, I want them to experience a photographic journey through the landscapes of the American West without any distractions. And selling your photos with the liveBooks shopping cart makes e-commerce a snap to set up. My liveBooks photography website is an invaluable tool for my business.

A photographer’s online presence is crucial, and having a team of creative individuals who are deeply invested in the world of art and photography made all the difference in bringing my images to the world. I can’t thank them enough.

Website: www.stevehansenphoto.com
Steve Hansen is well known for his panoramic fine art landscape photography. The full browser interactive homepage on his liveBooks website is the perfect gateway to view his work. His goal is to transport the viewer to where he took the image. We think he has succeeded! He also offers beautiful framed prints which can create showpieces for years to come.

To me it is SO important to not only showcase beautiful work but for your work to live in a space that is carefully curated… one that expresses your style. After having many failed and frustrating experiences with web designers I was beginning to think I would never find what I was looking for. Then one day I saw Ross Whitaker’s website and immediately called him. He told me, “Annie, look NO FUTHER…call liveBooks today!” The rest is history.

I have happily been working with liveBooks for the past four years. This is my second website with liveBooks and I recommend them to EVERYONE. Their design process is seamless and organized which makes you feel sane! Their designers are clear, concise, talented, and deliver the most beautiful design elements. My sites have been endlessly complimented and I always tell people, look no further… liveBooks is what you’ve been looking for!

Website: www.annievphoto.com
Annie is inspired by interiors, architecture, textiles, light, patterns and colors. She loves incorporating these elements into every shoot and brings out natural moments by connecting with subjects and putting them at ease. We love how her custom designed interactive homepage immediately gives the viewer a compelling visual representation of what she photographs.