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We built our first site with liveBooks in 2006.  3 versions later, with a full re-redesign just launched, we’re starting to receive great compliments on the site’s overall design story, clean interface and seamless user experience. Our liveBooks site does exactly what it’s supposed to do - it simply and elegantly shows off the images we capture. The liveBooks editSuite is simple to use, which makes it easy for our team to jump in and update portfolios on any current project. We can rest easy knowing we’ll always have the most up to date tools at our fingertips because liveBooks is always building better features into the site’s capabilities. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our new website and look forward to continuing our partnership with liveBooks in the years to come.
Website: www.mikeadrianweddings.com
Mike Adrian is a destination wedding photographer. Considered one of Hawaii’s top photographers he feels honored to document memories for some of the world’s most discerning clients. Mike also teaches workshops on various topics from time to time. It does not surprise us that Mike excels at what he does. He’s creative, passionate about his work and is an all around awesome person! Take a look at his work on his newly redesigned liveBooks website. We just love the Real Weddings portfolio landing page.

My website is the primary way I showcase my photography work online. It is also the portal to my press and blog. Working with liveBooks to create a custom designed site has been amazing. They consistently exceeded my expectations with solutions to the ideas I presented to them. I couldn’t be happier!
Website: www.jimmychin.com
Jimmy’s passion for travel, climbing, skiing, exploration and photography has taken him on break-through expeditions around the globe. In addition to being an award-winning National Geographic photographer, Jimmy shoots for a wide range of commercial and editorial clients. As a director and cinematographer, Jimmy has shot and directed documentaries, TV and commercial projects. Please be sure to take a look at his “Projects” section to see more of Jimmy’s work and to get an idea of the type of information it is possible to present utilizing liveBooks’ custom website design services. You can connect and follow Jimmy via his website.

Why have I been a liveBooks customer for years? I think of liveBooks as a minimalistic canvas. Their websites allow your photography to be framed in a modern aesthetic. It’s important that your presentation be creative, but also classy and concise. I am marketing to agencies, art directors, musicians, management teams, models, and other artists. They need to feel alive when they look at my work, not have to navigate tirelessly through a website.

In addition to being elegant and easy-to-use, you can add any number of great features to your website. And the best part is they are implemented in a way so as not to take away from the work presented. Now that’s genius! The staff is responsive and works diligently to make changes. And I’m free from the headaches of having to alter the design and format of my site.

I’m very happy with my website. I am actually excited when I visit it.

Website: www.jason-bassett.com
Editorial fashion photographer Jason Bassett’s love for photography began with editorials as he can be in the present and tell a story at the same time. His work is inspired by vintage, contemporary, romance and nostalgia. You can see these themes in his still and motion work. And we agree – his liveBooks website lets his work speak for itself!

As a full time professional landscape, nature and wilderness photographer I chose liveBooks to showcase my work and help me stand out from the crowd. First impressions count, and liveBooks provides me with a super slick, clean website that lets me prominently display my photography to my customers. I frequently receive emails from visitors praising my website for its clean interface and easy to navigate layout.

I am frequently traveling in the Polar regions of the world and as such my time is extremely limited when it comes to updating websites. I need to focus on my photography and don’t want to have to spend time being a website creator. liveBooks provides me with a simple easy to use back end interface that allows me to quickly get my new work online and available. It allows me to spend more time with my camera and less time in front of the computer.

My business has grown substantially in the time I have been with liveBooks and I regard them as a core component of my business and a valued partner.

Website: www.jholko.com
Joshua Holko is not only a passionate nature and wilderness photographer, he’s a teacher and an adventurer. Specializing in the Polar and sub-Polar regions of the globe, his work celebrates the extreme latitudes of the Polar environment. He runs workshops and expeditions to some of the world’s wildest and most remote regions.

He lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but his photography takes him all over the world. He has extensively traveled throughout Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, North and South America, China, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica. You can keep up with his adventures on his blog and view his beautiful images on his photography website. We love living vicariously through him!

As a photographer I rely on my website to showcase my work. I’ve been using liveBooks for many years now. It is so easy to update and the big, scaling image size really makes an impact on the viewer. Being able to make last minute changes is important to me and if I need help the liveBooks support team is always very responsive. I have also sold a lot of my work directly from my website.

Since my liveBooks website was such an effective tool for my business I decided to launch a second website. The fine art market is very nuanced so I wanted to have a separate site where my fine art work could be displayed. Now I have a site for my commercial work and one for my fine art work. liveBooks made it easy for me to have two sites at a reasonable price.

Website: www.roblang.com
Rob Lang is a fine art and commercial photographer living in New York City and Fort Lauderdale. He specializes in lifestyle and location photography. Rob’s priority as a photographer is getting the subject to be natural and spontaneous. He says, “There are pretty pictures and then there are photos filled with life. I go for life.” We love how he puts the life in his lifestyle photography! See how Rob effectively uses two websites to showcase his commercial and fine art photography.

As a fine artist, I rely on my website to show off my work to the global art community. Most often collectors, curators and gallery owners are introduced to my work through my website before they see the art in person. The images of my sculptures and installations need to be represented in a clean, compelling, and professional manner. Too many sites add a lot of visual noise, making it cluttered and difficult to focus the images.

I am very happy with my liveBooks website. I was able to choose from an array of professional, elegant and contemporary templates. I found it incredibly fast and easy to update my images and information. The staff are easily accessible, for anything from basic questions to structural changes. My site is consistently complimented. My viewers feel comfortable navigating through my website and enjoy visiting again and again. liveBooks is invaluable to my profession!

Website: www.lisacsoto.com
Fine artist Lisa C Soto grew up in New York City and Spain. Her Caribbean heritage and continuous movements between continents and islands have informed her themes. This provides her with a unique, global perspective. The motifs of transculturalism and diminishing borders resonate through her art. She has been invited to residencies, received commissions and has exhibited her work in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. Her wire drawings are beautifully constructed and reflect her point of view. We love that she included video of one of her shows on her website. It really brings her work to life!

I chose to work with liveBooks for several reasons. The high caliber of photographers using liveBooks and the ability to create a custom designed website that is easy to navigate were what drew me in.

Having a custom designed website is very important to me and for the image of my business. I wanted to establish a specific look and feel for my production company. The result was consistent branding combined with a clean, visually striking design. It established a polished and professional image and even offers password protected access to my clients, a feature that is vital to my company’s productivity. My clients look for substance behind a great design and they certainly appreciate the functionality and ease of use that the site offers. It is hard to believe that a complex website is hidden behind a sleek and intuitive set of menus. And I have to say their customer support is second to none.

My business has grown and continues to thrive due in large part to my liveBooks website. My partnership with liveBooks has always been mutually beneficial and I insist on that being the core of any relationship with a business partner. liveBooks looks to their customers for feedback and has made many key improvements as a result. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received compliments on my website!

Website: www.whitecrossproductions.com
White Cross Productions was founded by renowned commercial fashion director and photographer Jim Jordan. Its principle vision is to be a premiere full service production and management company that has experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry and in every media platform. Creating exceptional communications is not just their profession, it is their passion. Same as us!

As a photographer my fine art photography website is one of my most important marketing tools. It is how I appear to the wider world. It is important to me that the design be simple, clean, and a clear representation of my work. My liveBooks site is all of this. I’ve also enjoyed working with the liveBooks team to develop and maintain my site. Web design is not my forte and their help has been invaluable!
Website: www.eddeedaniel.com
Eddee Daniel is an artist and writer living in Wisconsin. He has taught many different disciplines of art over the years and believes that art and teaching have a lot in common: They have no impact if you’re doing them for yourself. Eddee now devotes himself to creating art. His work is inspired by many art forms and the yin of the human with the yang of nature. He is the author of two blogs which explore these ideas further: Arts Without Borders and Urban Wilderness. His work is thought provoking and inspiring. Be sure to check out his fine art photography website!

I’ve been with liveBooks since 2009. I wanted a photography website with an elegant timeless design that was easy for viewers to navigate. My liveBooks designer and I collaborated to come up with a design that four years later has stood the test of time. The editSuite allows me to edit my content effortlessly from any location. No more phone calls to a webmaster to make a change or learning how to “re-invent the wheel” and become a website designer myself.

Over the years, the attention my fine art photography receives has expanded in no small part because of my liveBooks site. Since the publication of my book The New Yorkers in March, I have seen my website traffic and book sales via their e-commerce application grow to new heights.

Website: www.robertherman.com
Robert Herman has been a street photographer since his days as an NYU student back in the late 70′s. Using his father’s Nikon F and a 50mm lens, he began by exploring the city as a means to connect with the people in his neighborhood and learn the craft of making images. His photos of a New York City, shot between 1978-2005 on Kodachrome, are now collected in his first monograph: The New Yorkers.

When I first contacted liveBooks with my unique idea for a photography website, it quickly became clear that we were onto something special. I gave them the graphical elements I wanted to use throughout the site and the liveBooks team went to work. The end result is an incredible website that brought all of the detail and the panoramic format of my images to life. It was truly a collaborative effort.When a guest visits my website, I want them to experience a photographic journey through the landscapes of the American West without any distractions. And selling your photos with the liveBooks shopping cart makes e-commerce a snap to set up. My liveBooks photography website is an invaluable tool for my business.

A photographer’s online presence is crucial, and having a team of creative individuals who are deeply invested in the world of art and photography made all the difference in bringing my images to the world. I can’t thank them enough.

Website: www.stevehansenphoto.com
Steve Hansen is well known for his panoramic fine art landscape photography. The full browser interactive homepage on his liveBooks website is the perfect gateway to view his work. His goal is to transport the viewer to where he took the image. We think he has succeeded! He also offers beautiful framed prints which can create showpieces for years to come.

As a freelance photographer, an easy to use, professional looking website is crucial to my success. I’m not a web developer and have no intention of becoming one. The photos get sized to the correct proportion when you upload them and embedded captions just go where they are supposed to go. liveBooks predesigned website templates are clean looking and very intuitive for users to navigate. The photos are large and fill the frame, as they should. It did not take long for me to fall in love with one of their designs! And I made the font consistent with my branding so it was really easy to integrate my new website into my marketing strategy.

The most important thing to me with respect to my online presence is “does this website best represent me and my work?” Now because of my new website, my answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Website: www.jaywestcott.com
Jay is currently a freelance photographer based in Washington DC. He has also worked as staff photographer at many notable publications. Jay’s work has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, Washington Magazine and several other places including his Mom’s refrigerator.

liveBooks is my idea of what a minimalist portfolio site should be. I was able to choose from a wide variety of beautiful and functional designs. As the saying goes, “Only the best shall suffice – there is no substitute.” I’m a proud, thankful liveBooks client and I sincerely thank the team for their support.
Website: www.vicentep.com
We love the simplicity of Vicente’s site. It really allows his work to speak for itself. Vicente is a curious nomad forever in love with capturing the human condition in unique situations. We can’t wait to see more of his work!

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After seven years of having to work with developers to make changes to my website I was ready for something different. Not only did I want to be able to manage the content myself, I wanted an updated look and feel. I was drawn to the liveBooks platform by some of the best photographers in the business. Once I explored all their options I decided to go with a predesigned website template and then I added some bells and whistles. I feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck! And I did not have to compromise on the design or the functionality of my site. The set-up process was intuitive and the support team was very responsive.

My liveBooks website has already led to new business. Aside from that one of my favorite things about my site is the interactive homepage – you can see 15 of my images without a single click! How cool is that?

Website: www.competitiveimage.us
Paul Phillips of Competitive Image Photography has built his business capturing the indomitable spirit of sports. You can tell that sports photography is his passion just by looking at his work. He creates imagery that is as inspiring as his subjects. And that is not easy to do! You can view his work on his website or keep up with him on his blog.

Several months back, after a long discussion with a few colleagues, I decided it was time to update my website. I was looking for something that would better represent my vision as a photographer now and in the years to come. It was also very important to me that my new site be very clean, elegant and showcase the work prominently. The search for a design team that would help me realize my vision quickly led me to liveBooks. Though I was hesitant at first to make the switch, the more time I spent with them the more at ease I felt. I’ll admit, some of my requests were a bit specific at times, but they somehow always found a way to create something better than I had ever dreamt of. And I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Website: www.PatrickMcDermott.com
Patrick is a photojournalist with a passion for capturing photographs that convey the world of sports through its subtle beauty. His custom website design allows his work to take center stage. And with our companion WordPress blog offering the look and feel of his site translates across to his blog. His life’s goal to to be as creative as possible. We think he is well on his way!

I decided to make the switch to liveBooks nearly two years ago for two reasons. First, I noticed most of the professional photographers I admire (and who are successful) have a liveBooks website. The second reason was SEO. liveBooks puts a lot of effort into giving you the tools necessary to keep your site highly ranked in search engine query results. Knowing that liveBooks has my back allows me the freedom to do what I do best: be a photographer.

I recently re-vamped the face and content of my website to showcase my more recent work and I couldn’t be happier with the results. liveBooks’ customer service is second to none and the process of switching to a brand spanking new Scaler site was seamless. The interface is incredibly easy to work with and the editSuite makes the site a dream to update. I cannot wait to migrate my blog over to liveBooks as well!

Website: www.dinaavila.com

Dina focuses her work on editorial and commercial food and food culture photography including restaurants, portraits and architecture. Her style is simple yet refined. She finds the inherent beauty of her subject best revealed with natural light and you’ll often find her in pursuit of the perfect sliver of light with her camera and tripod in hand.

Her fetish for old, tarnished silverware and unfinished, antique wood lends a rustic and warm touch to her food work. When Dina is not working she is working on a personal project or on her culinary blog, Leek Soup, where she cooks, styles, photographs and writes.

To me it is SO important to not only showcase beautiful work but for your work to live in a space that is carefully curated… one that expresses your style. After having many failed and frustrating experiences with web designers I was beginning to think I would never find what I was looking for. Then one day I saw Ross Whitaker’s website and immediately called him. He told me, “Annie, look NO FUTHER…call liveBooks today!” The rest is history.

I have happily been working with liveBooks for the past four years. This is my second website with liveBooks and I recommend them to EVERYONE. Their design process is seamless and organized which makes you feel sane! Their designers are clear, concise, talented, and deliver the most beautiful design elements. My sites have been endlessly complimented and I always tell people, look no further… liveBooks is what you’ve been looking for!

Website: www.annievphoto.com
Annie is inspired by interiors, architecture, textiles, light, patterns and colors. She loves incorporating these elements into every shoot and brings out natural moments by connecting with subjects and putting them at ease. We love how her custom designed interactive homepage immediately gives the viewer a compelling visual representation of what she photographs.